Bitcoin’s breakthrough of 30000 mark makes short sellers miserable

At the beginning of 2021, bitcoin is undoubtedly the first financial product to attract attention. Since the breakthrough of US $10000, there has been a lot of short selling voices. However, the currency value has exceeded 30000. Short sellers have been one after another, and one after another has died. Investors can be said to be miserable. Since the birth of bitcoin in 2009, its price has started from US $0.0025 to today’s high of 30000. The currency value has soared by 12 million times, and the market value has exceeded 560 billion US dollars. Even Guizhou Maotai, the leader of A-share, can only catch up with it. Such a soaring increase has crushed all kinds of investment. Naturally, the rare investment varieties have also made the myth of wealth creation Madness is closely related to the market environment, but it is still difficult to predict when the myth will burst. When the value of the currency exceeds the 10000 yuan mark, bubble talk comes and goes, but it has disappeared at this time, and the future is even more difficult to predict. This is the charm of investment. No operation track is certain, and it will not be the result of popular expectations. Only by being different can we remain invincible and live for a long time It is far more practical than earning more. This year will be an important node in the bull market in the year of the bull. China’s stock market may rewrite the history again, but it may not be a chicken or a dog rising to the sky. Therefore, no matter whether the bull or the bear, the key to investing is to only do things with high probability, so as to be invincible.

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