Bitcoin’s Coinbase in the United States launched a debit card for BTC service

Bitcoin’s Coinbase in the United States launched a debit card for BTC service

? Bitcoin transaction payment service provider Coinbase announced today has just released the announcement, the company will launch a test version of a new feature, the customer can directly through the debit card to buy bitcoin. Previously, Coinbase European customers can now buy a digital currency by credit card and debit card.

The following is the official announcement of Coinbase content:

“Today, we launched a new product in the United States (test version). Customers can use direct debit card to buy bitcoin. At present, the global total of 5 billion 200 million debit cards in circulation, we believe that this new product has great potential, will buy the first bitcoin in their life for new customers to provide great convenience.”

The announcement also added, currently this feature is still in beta, to customers in the U.S. charge 1% transaction fee. A few months later, the service will be open to full function.

Users can now see this feature on the Coinbase web site, users can options in their own account management page to add a debit card payment. The adding process can be completed in Coinbase Android and iOS client. Once added, the user can immediately use a debit card to buy bitcoin.

It is worth noting that Coinbase is the world’s first launch of bitcoin debit card company, the company in November 2015 in the United States formally issued bitcoin debit card.

At present, the new function of every limit transaction limit of $100, many users want to increase the limit.

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