Bitcoin’s future will be decided by the community consensus

Bitcoin’s future will be decided by the community consensus

For three years the expansion of the bitcoin tired, everywhere Cang heng! A compromise is the New York consensus community tired of the endless debate, to meet the interests of all parties in the community to support the isolation verification and support block, which is in the community wide consensus on the expansion of the first to reach the problem, not in a separate bitcoin expansion developed by miners and decided that the views of community play a key role in the New York consensus.

For the surface of bitcoin expansion is between the developers and the miner’s argument, is actually between the respective interest groups debate, core team hopes to deprive the rights of miners over, in order to control the bitcoin miners; for the sake of their own interests unwilling to surrender their rights, and resolutely defend the bitcoin decentralization.

In the past seven or eight years, the maintenance and development of bitcoin core is responsible for the core development group, bitcoin can development today, core development group denied that they were a group of selfless dedication, with a dream of Bob, they are not vested interest, they are a group of people worthy of respect. In fact, we also owe bitcoin developer a hard!”

The miners as a vested interest in the past few years by mining reaped huge profits, in the early stages of bitcoin has been and developers to cooperate with each other, developers will also seriously to carry out. As the process of the development of bitcoin miners protector and guardian, also has been dedicated to pay, the clever mind follows, positive for the community to contribute.

However, since the establishment of bitcoin developer core development group in BS company under the support of bitcoin expansion is no longer a simple bitcoin system software upgrade, expansion of bitcoin interest demands more doping. After Gavin was kicked out of school expansion core development group, core group had completely changed, completely reduced to BS company spokesmen for the interests of the community and openly to the enemy, regardless of the overall situation, persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, hinder the expansion of bitcoin.

The miners work force, the need to upgrade the bitcoin software system by the miners voted, while the miners face not mature software, without community test, can not make a vote, the bitcoin community expansion predicament of the blame on the miners, this is not correct. However, the miners did not adhere to the mature software, and then calculate the force deployment community, voting bitcoin expansion three steps. However, the miners as bitcoin protector and guardian of the overall situation, to a negotiated settlement and community bitcoin expansion dilemma attitude worthy of recognition. At present, the implementation of miners and community to promote the New York consensus.

The signing of the New York consensus means that the return of the Hongkong consensus, Chinese bitcoin Roundtable again reiterated the support of the New York consensus, marking the community consensus eventually defeated the core development group. The New York consensus is not by the miners or developer led, but by the community leadership, including exchange, pool, ore miners, wallets, investors etc.. The successful implementation of the New York consensus will provide a reference case for the community, bitcoin’s future will be decided by the community consensus, rather than by some interest groups.

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