Bitcoin’s long space divergence is intensifying

In addition to halving this year’s BTC rise, in addition to public opinion, in addition to institutions, there is also the power of the general environment that can not be ignored. 2020 is a year of vigorous development of digital currency. With the increasing acceptance of people and the large-scale entry of institutions, the number of users and trading volume of digital currency exchange will also rise. Whether the “thousand institute war” can kill a way, we need to consider not only the innovation and retention, but also the trading mode, experience and compliance. The number of bitcoin active addresses has grown by more than 105% this year, with a maximum of 1.2 million. At present, the fund products that invest in gold are continuously reducing, and the funds flow to bitcoin, and the total amount of funds in the gold market has decreased. In the investment portfolio, the appropriate allocation of bitcoin has become the choice of major investment institutions. “Bitcoin is in a liquidity crisis of reduced supply, which is very bullish and may even be underestimated,” chultze said. Yesterday, after the BTC price plummeted to the main support level of US $22550.71 on December 21, short pressure cooled and consolidation appeared after the opening. The next position should be in the 22480 below the point to try to support, the overall current temporary big Yin line through multiple moving average rebound trend. Bitcoin began to fall around 9:24070 in the morning and began to fluctuate around 23350. Although there was a wave of rise, it was not strong, but it began to fall around 23700 in the evening, falling 1000 points all the way to 22700 and rebounding to 23000. Due to the collapse of REBO, all the mainstream currencies have gone green. Bitcoin has been hard supported in the day. However, it has also been affected by it. However, from the perspective of technology, the future trend is still optimistic about the upward trend. Other mainstream currencies rolled over directly. Bitcoin’s 4-hour K-line closed above 22800, and the rate of updated K-line rose after 8:00. Mainstream currency contracts were slaughtered. The biggest difference between the rise of bitcoin this year and that of previous years is that the rise of bobbitcoin did not bring the counterfeit currency, even the mainstream currency. Positions at the bottom of the sharp decline, now back to the level before the fall, indicating that the long-term divergence is intensifying, the volatility will continue. The less currency the exchange has, the more money it has in store, and the better the currency price trend is. If BTC’s price rises, it will not be easy to hoard a large amount of bitcoin in a few years, because further scarcity will only increase its long-term value.

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