Bitcoin’s market value exceeds the largest financial services company by $500 billion

Bitcoin broke through an all-time high of $28000 yesterday. This also pushed the market value of bitcoin to a new high of more than $500 billion. This market value also makes bitcoin’s market value exceed that of visa, the world’s largest financial service provider, with a market value of $460.06 billion. #Bitcoin# This is an important milestone for bitcoin, which has only existed for more than a decade from its birth to its market value of $500 billion. Visa is one of the most important payment processing companies established in 1958. Although bitcoin has not been developing smoothly and smoothly, some years are favorable. 2020 is such a year, which promotes the value of digital assets to rise at an unprecedented speed. Bitcoin is being accepted by more people. Bitcoin faces many obstacles in its 10-year existence, including fierce criticism from mainstream media. However, its current performance shows that it is beginning to gain more recognition faster than mainstream companies such as visa. This year alone, several companies have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in bitcoin, and more are considering doing so. Compared with other investments, such as gold, bitcoin can bring a large return on investment. In addition, bitcoin’s transaction costs are still much cheaper than those charged by other payment providers, so bitcoin has become the preferred means of value transfer. If this growing interest continues, analysts believe bitcoin could become a major asset in corporate portfolios. So far this year, bitcoin prices have risen more than 300%, a performance that few assets can boast about. The asset is still in a major rebound, has taken more than $26000 in price, and is still rising. Although a correction is expected, it is not clear when it will occur, as the upward momentum is still strong. The original text is from zycrypto and compiled by Napoleon of blockchain. The English copyright belongs to the original author of zycrypto. Please contact the compiler for Chinese reprint.

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