Bitcoin’s market value has surpassed that of Warren Buffett’s company

Bitcoin rose more than 5% in the day, and successfully exceeded 30000 US dollars, and the price of a single currency was close to 200000 yuan. As of press release, the price is fixed at 30600 US dollars. With bitcoin standing at the $30000 mark, this not only means that the unit price of bitcoin has reached an all-time high, and its total market value has exceeded $550 billion, which also stands at a historical high. At present, the global cryptocurrency market value has exceeded 800 billion US dollars. Interestingly enough, the company with the highest market value today is apple, which is about $2244 billion. If bitcoin is regarded as a company, its market value can rank among the top 10 in the world. With the rapid rise of bitcoin, the data in this chart has fallen behind. At this time, it is only 2 hours away from the 12th birthday of bitcoin. In the circle of friends of cryptocurrencies, this news is no different from the new year’s day, with posters or price icons being forwarded one after another. Some excited people even cried out: bitcoin has finally broken through 30000, and the next important milestone is 1 trillion. At the same time, the contract King data shows that 24-hour positions are 286 million US dollars and 165 million US dollars are sold in one hour. Among them, the largest exposure amount of BTC perpetual contract on bitmex is 10 million US dollars. In other words, bitcoin’s breakthrough of 30000 makes most of the short futures orders open. Bitcoin’s skyrocketing may have traces to follow. From the data only, tokenview data shows that usdt printed 4.049 billion new banknotes and 1.437 billion new destroyed banknotes in December, totaling 2.611 billion net banknotes. Among them, about 1.761 billion banknotes were printed on Ethereum and 850 million on wave field chain. A total of 1.188 billion USD of new banknote printing flowed into four exchanges. According to the inflow, bitifnex 820 million, binance 358 million, peatio6.49 million and Huobi 970000 respectively. At present, the total market value of usdt has exceeded 20.8 billion US dollars. Bitcoin price trend chart is from qkl123. For practitioners, bitcoin’s breakthrough of 30000 may be a certainty, “the process can’t be predicted, but the outcome is doomed. The end has been called out in every one of us countless times. ” “This steady upward pattern of pancake is completely beyond cognition.” There are also a lot of people posting articles on social media. There is almost no decent correction in the round of bitcoin price rise, which is totally beyond the imagination of many people. Because of this, many investors cleared bitcoin before 20000. It also broke a lot of people’s thighs. Now, perhaps the biggest point to watch is whether bitcoin’s price will continue to move forward after it has passed the $30000 barrier, or is there no asset that can go up forever, and so will bitcoin, which will callback and continue to hit record highs? In addition, with bitcoin hitting a record high, mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum are performing mediocre, which makes many people wonder whether there is a round rise. For many investors who hold mainstream currencies or even small currencies, this may be more desirable.

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