Bitcoin’s morning market analysis on December 23

BTC market analysis: hour chart: boll channel continues to open up, the currency price is located above the hour line middle track, near the Ma5 moving average; in the index in the attached figure; MACD fast and slow line maintains gold fork upward divergence above the zero axis, green column stable volume, KDJ line 3 has a turning head downward trend; at present, the price touches the upper high and falls down at around $23670. Laohou believes that the current bull is still strong, but the upper pressure is also relatively heavy The daily chart: yesterday, the positive line ended, the lower support was more strong, the lowest currency price dropped to 22373, and then began to rebound, with more than 1300 intraday fluctuations. The overall currency price remained in a state of shock and downward, until about 7 p.m., bulls began to make efforts, and the price remained above 23100. Since this morning, the currency price has continued to fluctuate upward trend above 23200, and the highest has reached the position of US $24070. The content of this paper is one-sided and time-effective, and it needs a firm offer strategy. Do a good job in personal risk control, do not take chances and take chances.

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