Bitcoin’s morning market analysis on December 24

BTC market analysis: hour chart: boll channel opening forward, the currency price is running near the hour line below the track, below the moving average; in the index in the attached figure; MACD fast and slow line diverges upward under the zero axis, the red column continues to increase volume, and the KDJ three line diverges downward; the currency price reached the highest position of $24150 at 21:00 yesterday evening, and the subsequent currency price continued to fall in the morning At two o’clock, the position of $22616 was inserted. Although there was a slight correction after that, it still took a downward trend of shock. Although the price has dropped more than 1000 points, it is impossible to blindly pursue the short, and the counterattack of bulls may be a matter in a flash. We should focus on the support around 22450 below in the day. Daily chart: yesterday the cross star finished, the price continued to explore, and now has broken the attack line support, in the continuous test of the defensive line support, the attack line action can slow down, the defensive line tends to go up, the figure index downward volume, the future market price has the intention of downward, at present, pay attention to the support strength of the defensive line, if broken, the price will go down again to test the 20 day moving average Support strength The content of this paper is one-sided and time-effective, and it needs a firm offer strategy. Do a good job in personal risk control, do not take chances and take chances.

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