Bitcoin’s sword points to 30000 US dollars, and it can’t save the tragedy of three people falling into the sea in Dalian

“When I win, I think the world belongs to me. When I lose, I realize that even my life is not my own.” It is a tragedy of human relations. At about 5:00 a.m. on June 18, 2020, Dalian Xinghai Bay Bridge. A family of three jumped from the bridge into the sea. Among them, Zheng Mou Wei, her husband, was rescued and sent to hospital. His wife and 3-year-old child were missing. Because of what, despair of the world, a family of three to jump into the sea together to commit suicide? At 5:30 p.m. that day, Dalian Wanzhong emergency rescue team rescued a body in the sea area, which was initially identified as Wang, the hostess of the Zheng family. And the 3-year-old child, also long before jumping off the bridge, lost too much blood and died. ——The murderer of the child is the child’s biological father, Zheng Yiwei himself! What is the cause of such human tragedies? 2 male host Zheng Mou Wei, has been engaged in the free profession since the university graduation, “plays the finance”. Catch up with Warren Buffett, play Wall Street, the top operator, a generation of legendary faith. ——When gambling, they thought they could create myths. At that time, the hot bitcoin was Zheng’s main investment project, making a lot of money, worth nearly 10 million yuan. At home, open the computer and click the mouse, you can win tens of millions of money through speculation. ——Fage attached to the body, God of gambling came out, to be bigger and stronger, to create brilliance again. No gambler can choose to “close as soon as possible” after winning money. When you are satisfied, you are doomed. The currency circle was in shock, and bitcoin plummeted. As a result, Zheng lost more than 20 million yuan in the early June of this year because of the use of capital leverage to participate in speculation. ——When you win 10 million, you are proud; when you lose 20 million, you lose. “Of the 20 million lost, there are four million from my parents and half a million from my father-in-law’s mother-in-law. The rest is my savings over the years and money borrowed from my relatives.” Zheng said. No gambler can choose “stop in time” after losing money. After years of hard work, Zheng decided to commit suicide as soon as he lost all his money and still owed a lot of debts. The wife tried hard to persuade him, but the couple decided to “go together”. But the daughter is only 3 years old, the parents have committed suicide, how does the child do? In line with the idea of “want a family together”, the couple decided to kill their own daughter first, and then commit suicide by jumping into the sea together. The poor child, who knew nothing, was killed by his parents. On June 17, after Zheng bought sleeping pills in the pharmacy, his wife fed them to his daughter. At about 4:00 on June 18, Zheng Yiwei was on the bed in his bedroom at home, cutting his daughter’s neck with a sharp knife, causing her to die of massive hemorrhage. After wrapping her daughter’s body, she came to the star Bay Bridge and threw her daughter’s body down the bridge. Later, Zheng and his wife Wang committed suicide by jumping into the sea. Zheng attempted to commit suicide. On December 16, the defendant Zheng Xiaowei was suspected of deliberately killing his three-year-old daughter, and then attempted suicide by jumping into the sea. Dalian prosecutors charged him with “illegally depriving others of their lives, causing one person to die, suspected of intentional homicide”. At the end of the trial, the defendant Zheng Xiaowei confessed to the crime of killing his daughter and said that his wife’s suicide was also caused by himself. He hoped that the court could impose a heavier sentence on himself and plead for the death penalty to be executed immediately. The loss of 20 million yuan caused the tragedy of conspiracy to kill children. If after winning ten million dollars, Zheng chooses to stop; if at the beginning, Zheng finds a good job and goes to work on time; if at last Zheng chooses to quit gambling and go ashore… – it’s a pity that life has no if. More ironically, half a year after the Zheng family committed suicide, bitcoin prices skyrocketed five times! On December 1, bitcoin hit an all-time high of $19864.15, breaking the record set nearly three years ago; on December 16, bitcoin broke the $20000 mark for the first time, setting a new record; on December 17, bitcoin broke through $23000, setting a new record; on December 30, bitcoin broke through $28500 per piece, a new record, with a cumulative increase of more than 300% this year. ——You look at this world, confusion upside down, confusion, when yo? “The coin circle is like a piece of gold brick, many people want to get it, and even lose their own lives. The casino is like a golden city. The people inside play hard and the people outside watch the excitement. When the muddy water is submerged, it will never jump out again. ” ——Investment is not speculation, gambling is playing with one’s life. “How many chances do you have? How many lives do you have? “ When “speculation” becomes a way of speculation, the investment “market” will become a speculative “sea of blood”, and everyone will push into it like a duck on the shelf, and the last wave of dry ducks will be submerged. It doesn’t matter if you are submerged. Don’t throw your life into it. On June 5, 2019, the founder and boss of bite, a hundred times leverage, lost 2000 bitcoin, equivalent to RMB 120 million. He committed suicide at home the next day, only 42 years old. After 20 years of hard work, he lost all his wealth and lost his life. One lost 120 million, from heaven to hell, money lost, life lost. The boss of Jinli mobile phone won 30 million when he went to the Macao casino for the first time. It’s so easy to get money, so I think I’m a gambler. What’s the end? One card lost 1.7 billion, and in a year lost the 10 billion business empire of Jinli mobile phone. You think you’ve won, but you’re just beginning to lose. Picked up sesame, lost watermelon, picked up watermelon, lost the Yuanbao, picked up Yuanbao, lost life. ——The dead are dead, the living should be alert. “Seven sins” is a good movie, the despicable human nature, should be watched repeatedly. On June 22, 2017, Mo Huanjing, a nurse addicted to gambling and heavily in debt, lit a book on the tea table with a lighter in the living room, threw it on the cloth sofa, causing the fire out of control, and then fled the scene, causing the victim Zhu and his three children to inhale carbon monoxide poisoning and died of ineffective rescue. ——This is the “Hangzhou nanny arson case” which caused a nationwide sensation at that time. The Chinese pregnant woman fell off a cliff in Thailand, which was pushed down by her husband from a height of 34 meters. But behind the plot to kill his wife, the truth is that after marriage, her husband has not been working and has been addicted to gambling for a long time, while Ms. Wang’s wealth is as high as 20 million RMB… – this is the news that triggered the whole network of “Thailand tourism, Chinese husband killing pregnant wife”. You see that? In the end, gamblers lose all their money, and then like addicts looking for drugs, they loan, borrow and cheat. Then they continue to lose and ask for money. Finally, they commit suicide and murder. Which gambler in the movie or in reality doesn’t end up dumping his family and leaving his family? If you meet a gambler, the only way to save him is to stay away from him. ——Let him live and die on his own, and let him decide for himself whether to turn back and cut his hands and quit gambling, or continue to sink into the abyss until he dies. “Gambling” and “poison” are inhuman things. Don’t think that love and tolerance can save them. Finally, the majority of netizens are advised that no matter how sexy the head image of the customer service little sister is, no matter how warm and sweet words of the other party are, no matter how sincere and attractive the propaganda copy of the gambling platform is written, you must not be deceived. Tell all the old friends who are trapped in the abyss of gambling to stop loss in time and quit immediately. Now all you lose is money. If you continue to float in the deep water, what you lose is your life. Bet on the dog, bet on the dog, gamble to the end, nothing. Live well, work hard, earn money, life will also have unlimited possibilities. Money is the slave of people, and RMB serves the people. When people become slaves of money in turn, you lose human flavor and become a walking corpse. Friends, there is a long way to go. No matter what kind of situation you are in today, never forget why you started. Stop the loss in time, have a goal, and don’t fall into greedy desire. A hand into the gambling city, a foot will step into the ghost gate. Advice: cherish life and keep away from gambling.

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