Bitfinex had suffered from the attacks of loss of nearly 120 thousand bitcoin now finally also all user arrears

Bitfinex had suffered from the attacks of loss of nearly 120 thousand bitcoin now finally also all user arrears

In April 4th, the world famous bitcoin exchange Bitfinex announced in August 2, 2016 to repay the user due to attack exchange stolen 119756 bitcoin arrears.

In 2016 August 2nd, the world’s leading bitcoin exchange Bitfinex suffered a huge disaster”. At that time, because suffer from hacker attack DDOS, Bitfinex a total of 119756 bitcoins stolen, according to the time of the stock market, or about $70 million.

In the face of sudden loss of bitcoin users Bitfinex exchange have to exchange for compensation. Therefore, Bitfinex had launched BFX tokens, as the exchange loss to the users “need to repay ious”. At the same time, bitcoin users of the platform can be freely traded on the Bitfinex exchange BFX token. But the bitcoin Exchange announced today, now want to repay this debt.

Bitfinex had suffered cyber attacks and theft of 119756 bitcoins

In April 3rd 4 p.m. EDT, Bitfinex stopped all BFX token transactions, and to allow bitcoin users for $1 /BFX price to exchange Bitfinex.

Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex said, “this is the final exchange BFX token” action, the current has been shut down all about BFX token trading services, margin trading has been canceled. After the exchange, the corresponding user accounts in the transaction deposit will return the same amount. BFX will automatically exchange tokens, the exchange activities will be destroyed after the completion of BFX.

“Overall, we expect the whole exchange process takes about 25-35 minutes. Revoke BFX token will still have to maintain industry-leading position exchange.

In the foreclosure process, all of the other virtual currency transactions will continue in the whole process, but is temporarily unable to transfer assets between bitcoin wallet.”

Bitfinex bitcoin exchange also thank the customer for their patience, a statement in the announcement:

“We are very grateful to our customers and shareholders to give us enough patience and trust, because everyone’s support, just make us within eight months to achieve the full recovery of transactions. No bitcoin community support, Bitfinex is likely to become a digital currency in the history of the development of footnotes, rather than the current leaders and trends. Thank you.”

It is reported that the bitcoin exchange Bitfinex to complete the BFX token repayment is not easy, they have been subjected to user’s question. But Bitfinex insisted to the end, and seize a chance recently — “equity rose sharply” and “March record of business performance, so Bitfinex users to be repaid in arrears.

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