Bitfinex stolen bitcoin $130 million today

Bitfinex stolen bitcoin $130 million today

Recently, foreign media reported that the Hongkong Bitfinex exchange bitcoin stolen 120 thousand bitcoin has now started to transfer in the bitcoin network, the hacker master bitcoin address gradually flow to the market. Calculated in accordance with the current high price of bitcoin, this 120 thousand bitcoins worth nearly $130 million today.

Last August 120 thousand bitcoin was hacked

In August 2, 2016, Hongkong bitcoin exchange Bitfinex was hacked, 119756 bitcoin missing, according to the estimated price of about $70 million. The Bitfinex platform allows users to share 36% exchange losses, which attracted no small criticism of bitcoin users. Bitcoin prices plummeted then.

Because of the anonymity of bitcoin, therefore unable to track stolen bitcoin ownership; at the same time, bitcoin is not protected by law related, therefore is unable to recover. Although the market is concerned about 120 thousand bitcoin Bitfinex stolen, but it re surfaced and there is no other better way.

According to foreign media said, this is not the first attempt to offset the ability of professional hackers blockchain forensics company and law enforcement agencies to track stolen bitcoin. In early January 26th, hackers had tried to transfer 120 thousand bitcoins stolen, but then Bitfinex immediately through Twitter reports, every day many also try to.

In January this year, hackers began to transfer into small pieces bitcoin

In January 26, hackers try to bitcoin from 5 different address collection to the same address, similar to the money from 5 different bank account transfer to a new account in focus. The transfer involves only 22.42 coins, 26 day total transfer of 876 coins.

Then in January 30th hackers will bitcoin transfer to a new address, and on the day were transferred to the other two update address.

The money laundering process is similar to the reality, the transfer process is not conducive to complex query tracker.

In the hacker first attempt and has not been caught, in recently will continue to be stolen bitcoin into smaller parts, in the same way transfer. Hongkong bitcoin exchange Bitfinex Pastebin issued a post show, hackers have stolen bitcoin transferred to 2072 different address.

During the transfer of hackers bitcoin, Bitfinex and DDoS suffered a violent attack.

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