Bitpay improve the security by Intel chip bitcoin Wallet

Bitpay improve the security by Intel chip bitcoin Wallet

Bitpay claims to be the world’s largest bitcoin payment processing service providers, today said cooperation with Intel to guarantee the security of digital electronic wallet.

Copay, founded by Bitpay, an open source bitcoin wallet program will be integrated software protection in the seventh generation of Intel core processor in the expansion program. BitPay Monday at a financial conference to announce the news.

Many new users have the same concerns in contact with bitcoin: it is easily stolen. Bitcoin is a transferable assets, that is to say, the person holding it with it, just like cash. This means that hackers can steal from your wallet bitcoin, but also from exchanges such as the previous Mt.Gox steal bitcoin exchange.

In the storage and processing of bitcoin software, implementing strong security to prevent bitcoin data theft is crucial. Intel technology through the implementation of sensitive operations in a protected space to ensure safety, so the sensitive data (such as the user’s private key) will not be exposed to may be leaked code (even if some malware has infected your computer).

The other part of the Intel security processing chip in isolated execution environment and machine, so neither damaged nor damaged PC software can expose bitcoin users of funds or private key risk “from the attacker’s BitPay Marketing Manager James Vopo explained. “Intel chips like a security zone, making it possible to dangerous things in the damaged machine on the secure executable,” he added.

BitPay is a big game player in the world of bitcoin. The chief commercial officer BitPay Sonny Singh said that Microsoft uses it to handle digital content and Xbox game bitcoin payment, which is also used in more than 100 thousand businesses.

Most people do not have a credit card in those countries, such as India and Brazil, China, such payment services particularly attractive. Singer said, “we are using bitcoin to solve the real pain points.”

The volume of the BitPay seventy-five percent in the United States, two years ago is 25% trading volume.

Last week, BitPay also announced that it will cooperate with DocuSign, as the payment of the contract and other documents signed payment processing business.

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