Bitwage upgrade the EU customer bitcoin payroll service

Bitwage upgrade the EU customer bitcoin payroll service

Bitcoin start-ups Bitwage started to improve the payroll service for European customers, for users of the region launched a new upgraded version of higher processing speed.

Bitwage established in 2013 to provide employers with bitcoin currency payment method or employees, bitcoin global fast transfer method.

Bitwage said the EU has registered senior service customers can obtain unique international bank account number (IBAN, InternationalBankAccountNumber), or the monthly trading volume of more than 1999 euros of customers.

IBAN is a unique digital string represents a specific bank account, enable customers to more quickly get paid. Once the EU customers may need to wait for the response of the system requirements.

“We have a unique IBAN, receiving EU company paid users no longer need to put the deposit request, because the transaction is no longer need to pay the description”.

San Francisco Bitwage will define the upgrade to enter the European market step.

“We hope that the U.S. will innovative solutions to the European market, so that people can start to receive salary form of digital assets, cross-border more quickly, low pay to use the solution”.

By the end of 2015 the company raised $760000 seed round, also began to support credit card payments a year ago.

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