Blaine? Ceschi or launched in 2017 bitcoin payment service?

Blaine? Ceschi or launched in 2017 bitcoin payment service?


AirBNB recently launched by the #WeAccept project to carry out a political discussion. The AirBNB to the center of the rental service has issued a serious political attitude statement, the release of a positive signal to the outside world.

Not long ago, people have expressed what is “all American” attitude. We urge those hungry, tired, disabled people come to our country, to the land of opportunity development. In the past few decades, people from all corners of the globe will be equally in this country. Bitcoin in the code on the level of supervision of the jurisdiction of the resistance rather than political decision rather than security issues. Because obviously, if the state can bitcoin transactions compromise, other people can also.

As long as AirBnB is still in the dissemination of a internationalist information, perhaps it should adopt a global payment can not be changed. AirBnB can increase the share of supplier fee share, to attract those who provide other forms of payment to the user number.

AirBnBCEO Blaine? Ceschi (BrianChesky) recently asked followers on twitter said:

If AirBnB is to launch a service in 2017, is what you want?

He said after posting:

“Thank you for more than 2000 participants reply, I received a popular answer: bitcoin, tenant credit, family residence and upgrade services, group travel and Mars etc..”

Many users have recommended the use of AirBnB bitcoin. For many post pull transaction services, such as rental services, encryption currency unchangeability does have some limitations, which must be solved.

For example, not authorized by somebody bitcoin wallet money bill. Bitcoin holders must choose to send money to the requestor. In the implementation process, which means that bitcoin users need to pay the rent in size is higher than AirBnB, the transaction is successfully completed, the remaining funds returned to them.

However, the implementation of AirBnB technology on bitcoin is not the author to discuss. I want to discuss is AirBnB to accept bitcoin philosophy here, and the possibility of other and AirBnB refused to go against the idea of payment. Credit card companies are willing to provide support for the close fight for freedom of the organization, such as WikiLeaks, the organization and implementation of the bank blocked”. Indeed, this kind of thing to promote bitcoin’s attention in recent years. Nakamoto So was at the end of the memorandum expressed concerns about the government hinder:

I appeal to the WikiLeaks do not attempt to use bitcoin. Bitcoin is a small community in the test early. At present, the bitcoin, you will not let your purse drum up, but it may bring to the present stage of the bitcoin crowning calamity.

Although WikiLeaks was really in accordance with the Nakamoto proposal, but as with later bitcoin growing, they still accept bitcoin as a way of donation, now has more than 4000BTC. AirBnB accepts bitcoins to protect user privacy seems to have significant benefits for both sides. AirBnBCEOChesky said the company has long been considered the idea, but it is unable to do so. The global currency of ideas and human unity ideas of race mixing will help AirBnB with bitcoin, but not all of the ideas are similar to AirBnB.

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