Block chain and bitcoin boarded the Upwork line of the fastest growing list of skills

Block chain and bitcoin boarded the Upwork line of the fastest growing list of skills

With bitcoin prices rose to $6000, crypto currency is becoming more and more popular, the emerging field of employers need to have relevant professional skills of personnel.

Upwork is linked to a free occupation and employer’s Web site, the collected data indicate that the demand for the block chain and have expertise in the bitcoin online free of occupation in the last quarter surge. The two skills in the website of the line of the fastest growing skills on the list were ranked second and third.

This year, bitcoin prices rose more than 500%, many companies are eager to catch up with this upsurge. Chicago is on Tuesday (October 31st) announced the launch of currency futures. At the same time, the whole industry chain is around the development of block books distributed technology. The technology’s supporters said the block chain in addition to processing including bitcoin, encryption currency transactions, but also through the elimination of the intermediary to help enterprises to improve operational efficiency.

The ten skills of Upwork’s top line growth the fastest as shown below:


Other skills Upwork lists including robotics (first), known as the penetration test (fourth) network security technology and artificial intelligence branch – deep learning (eighth).

Upwork will be on its website in 2017 third quarter revenue of the American occupation free compared with the same period last year, to calculate the growth rate, making the list. 10 skills listed on the list of the growth rate of more than 200%.

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