Block chain can make the rules of the game more fair

Block chain can make the rules of the game more fair


The game industry from the common pastime becomes billions of dollars in Internet industry, consumption and some game player in the game of the line under consumption is almost equivalent to the developers and game player challenges.

The game has become a source of asset value, game player facing its virtual goods ownership and maintenance of safe and reliable trading challenges, replaced the risk of network attacks, theft and fraud.

At the same time, the game developers, especially small independent studio, it is very difficult to succeed, the competition platform controlled by central agencies, including the sharing of revenue and payment of the game.

The electronic games industry of game player playing games to make money, is also facing the problem of transparency and team winning the game player award.

As a strong foundation for digital asset ownership transactions and registration, the bottom of the bitcoin block chain technology can handle the current challenges facing the industry, make online games more transparent and fair. Although large game companies have not yet entered the field, some start-ups have been exploring a platform to integrate the technology into the game.

Digital asset management and transaction of ownership

The management of virtual assets ownership and authenticity has always been a challenge. Game companies stored in the center server of your own game assets, to prevent illegal copying and fraud. But this obstacle to the hope game player trading and trading assets online, the online game trading started with World of Warcraft.

Because no game player virtual assets line ownership, had to use non traditional market and trading center, where the lack of safety and security measures, by fraud and cyber crime problems.

To provide a fair, transparent, to trust game assets transaction service chain to the center of the block trading platform based on FreeMyVunk, without the interference of fraud protection game player. The platform can make asset trading game player in the game, can also be carried out between the different game. For example, if the game player decided not to play World of Warcraft, can be sold “Purist Thunderwrath”, a game for the other valuables.

Strategy game company BeyondtheVoid (BtV) to further deepen the creative, the whole game asset management in Ethernet square chain block.



BtV CEO EricBurgel said:

“The smart contract, you can create and exchange of digital assets special use block chain. Trust is no longer a problem, because the block chain system is decentralized, digital goods are not stored in the private server, but directly stored in the block chain, anyone can see. If you have a block chain of assets, no one can take away, you take charge of it”.

Through the registration of ownership of assets in the block chain, BtV virtual goods to provide a complete line access, game player can purchase and sale transaction security.

“Whether you closed the account or server, you still have all the digital goods you buy”.

BtV has released a test version in February 22nd, all participants can participate in ICO. At the same time the block chain store is open to all assets.

Burgel company is also committed to build ecological chain cross game, the game itself is not affected by the block technology restrictions, developers can publish different games can use items. BtV is the two game assets test, these two assets will be shared with the “SpellsofGenesis” game, and plans to expand to other characteristics of the game.

SpellsofGenesis (SoG) is a Swiss EverdreamSoft development, is an interesting test. Thanks to the blockchain technology, it is the first truly integrated card game culture and mode of online games, including collection, trade and exchange. SoG limited edition card in the blockchain, users can use the BitCrystals token (bitcoin blockchain platform Counterparty issued tokens based on these cards) for online and offline sales.

The model to ensure the authenticity and limitation of the card, while eliminating the physical wear, this is the real defect card.

EverdreamSoft CEO and founder of ShabanShaame said, “as long as people are willing to pay more, really have the ownership of assets”. LED digital display, really have the ownership of assets of the game profit is about seven times of other games, which will eventually become the driving force for the other card trading game using the block chain technology. The chess game company ForceofWill cooperation with Japan EverdreamSoft has known, the concept of the game to block chain.

EverdreamSoft is currently in SoG beta test, 6000 people participate in the game player. The card amount over the past year the platform sold more than $250 thousand.

To eliminate the middleman

Online games and Mobile Games platform master is a large central server, such as Steam, apple and Google, the proportion of income huge.

Losangeles block chain company GameCredits business development vice president SergeySholom said:

“If you are a Google or apple platform game developers to the platform, you will pay 30% of the sales revenue; usually need to wait 60 days to get their 70%”.

In contrast, the block chain can be built entirely to the center of the game economy, eliminate middlemen, build the direct link developers and game player.

GameCredits is exploring the concept of its namesake platform based on Ethernet square block chain. Game player to acquire and use GAME tokens for a variety of activities.

The platform using the block chain function directly to all GAME tokens transferred to the developer account, do not need middlemen control process. Developers can use this platform to issue coupons and game rewards in the block chain, to attract game player participation.

The platform also let the game takes great game player to overcome the traditional medium of payment of consumption restrictions.

At present, GameCredits together with the DatcroftGames test platform, which has 13 million registered users, and will be integrated into the GameCredits company of the two most popular games in the “Fragoria” and “GetTheGun”. Once the test is completed, GameCredits plans to provide the entire Internet and online games industry solutions.

GameCredits also plans to integrate the technology into the upcoming Mobile Games platform, providing game trading, competition and build archives. 150 developers and 300 companies have registered the service platform will make MobileGo ICO tokens in the second quarter of 2017.

Electronic athletics is another area plagued by middlemen. FirstBlood E-sports platform based on Ethernet square game pairing settings and bonus distribution to the center of the center of the management team will transfer to the intelligent automatic task contract. In the dispute resolution and the lack of incentive game player game industry of transparency and fairness, this is especially important.

The FirstBlood platform using the game API, direct use of game data to determine the matching results, using the direct reward FirstBlood token on the chain block winning team and game player. It is also used to the center of the voting system to resolve the dispute, randomly selected part of witnesses and the judges vote in the anonymous block chain, and obtain the token reward.

Block chain and game industry in the future

Most of the game on the block chain project has just started, to determine whether the block chain can be re defined too soon. I communicate with several traditional game companies, but not a good plan to block chain integration into their own gaming platform.

If there is a reference to history, and seize the opportunity to find a large game player speed can be slow, start-ups to block chain that solution center can solve the game industry faces many challenges.

We focus on the concept of development in the middle of the developers and game player, look forward to the future of the game industry has become some day in the future.

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