Block chain + car, Porsche test block chain unlocking system

Block chain + car, Porsche test block chain unlocking system

According to the Futurism website reported that in February this year, Porsche Became the first successful test block chain technology in automobile manufacturers. Block chain is a kind of currency is known to support encryption technology in distributed books. However, Porsche is not the only one to explore the attractive prospect of this technology into the car in the car manufacturer, not all manufacturers are keen to use block chain technology in the same way. The following is Porsche and other car manufacturers want to use Block Six types of chain to improve the future of personal transportation:

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Unlock the vehicle 1.

Porsche case study with Berlin startup XAIN, explored several potential uses blockchain. A method of one of the most useful, is probably the most simple is that they use to help the driver to unlock the blockchain vehicle.

The researchers will block chain added to the Porsche Panamera test car, the driver can directly communicate with it through the application, they no longer need the instruction through the third party server issued. This greatly speeds up the response time of the vehicle. When the driver using the application instructions to unlock the vehicle when the vehicle is only 1.6 seconds of time executing instructions, this speed is 6 times faster than before.

Auto block chain system can also allow their owners to allow others to temporarily use their vehicles. You can simply use this app to remotely unlock the car, let friends forgotten from the back of the car to take the sweater. You can even give the third party delivery companies (such as UPS) to unlock the car license, let them leave packages in the trunk.

This authorization is at risk today, because of the need to execute instructions through the Porsche server. If someone hacked into the server, they can in the case of unauthorized unlocking automobile . For safety, dispersed block chain, but this is not a problem.

Fees and repayment of loans to pay 2. of vehicle charging

In the public consciousness, as the first block chain support encryption (such as currency Bitcoin ) technology, and Porsche did not forget the financial foundation of science and technology. The company believes that the owners can charge fees to pay for electric cars chain block. Imagine if every time you give the car charging, this action will trigger a smart contract in the block chain, take out the appropriate money from your account, then transfer it to the charging station.

Financial applications can also be extended to the car itself. You can create a smart contract, on the first day of this month to repay your car payment. The car block chain will record the balance, once reached 0 when you stop payment. Your monthly parking fees, insurance or other vehicles involved in financial transactions, also can use a similar technique.

The automatic driving system optimization 3.

As Porsche in a press release pointed out, car manufacturers can use to improve the automatic driving chain block system . When stepping on the stroke of a self driving car, block chain will record its travel data. These data can include a variety of information, such as the regional weather information, common traffic patterns etc.. Other vehicles in the network can access the information.

Oaken co-founder and chief marketing officer James Johnson (James Johnson) said: “if everyone can share the data of others, self driving cars will get faster path. If these (original equipment manufacturer) and other companies to accelerate the realization of the 5 level automatic driving, the best way is to share all the data through the chain block.”

TOYOTA agrees. In early May 2017, the company in cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, developed the use of block chain accelerated automatic driving technology development method. TOYOTA mobile service research institute director, chief financial officer Chris Barringer (Chris Ballinger) said: “in order to develop a safe and reliable automatic driving a car, may require hundreds of millions of kilometers of human driving data. Block chain and distributed books can help the vehicle owner, fleet managers and manufacturers to collect data, so as to shorten the time to achieve this goal.”

4. ensure the materials meet the moral requirements

Some other companies to block chain technology from a very unique perspective. According to Reuters, BMW cooperation company is headquartered in London and the blockchain startups Circulor, to ensure that the source of rare metal cobalt they used electric car batteries meet the requirements to. BMW spokesman said the company was unable to comment on the project, but it may work with the sensitive nature of the company is engaged in the relevant.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo mining world about 2/3 Co. Among them, about 20% from the workshop that often the exploitation of child labor. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, an estimated 40 thousand children through the daily life in the mines, but not in school, they are extremely dangerous conditions in order to get a job and salary.

Supply chain tracking is one of the cases as everyone knows block chain technology, Circulor also hope to use this technology to track co mileage, depart from it until the hands of mine manufacturers. The company has been in Australia and Canada use “clean” of cobalt test .

Company chief executive officer Glass Johnson (Douglas Johnson-Poensgen) – the root said: “we believe that, from the economic point of view, there is no problem from the source to obtain cobalt more meaningful. Once the system is proved to be effective and began a large-scale operation can be solved as such artisanal mines more difficult cases.”

Finally, BMW or other electric car manufacturers may decide to purchase only by tracking Circulor block chain Co. Circulor may reject any tracking does not comply with certain standards such as cobalt, no safe working conditions or the use of child labor, resulting in production of unethical mines.

5. to encourage environmentally friendly driving

Not all of the block chain project is a life-and-death matter event. Mercedes Benz parent (Daimler AG) is the use of auto block chain in a more relaxed way, to encourage environmentally friendly driving.

In February this year, Daimler launched a chain based on their own block encryption currency, mobiCOINS project. In 3 months, received a mobiCOINS test by a group of 500 drivers in their vehicles operating in an environmentally friendly way. These include sliding to the parking lot, the engine switches to ECO mode, and low speed etc..

These vehicles share driving data through a special application, it also determines how much the mobiCOINS driver. Then, the virtual currency is in the driver’s account, each transaction has the blockchain record. There is enough mobiCOINS, the driver will be eligible for prizes, such as travel to Berlin for fashion week, VIP tickets or MercedesCup Final finals. This incentive drivers in a more environmentally friendly way to drive a car, maybe at the end of the project, and even some habits will persist.

Other car manufacturers can also follow Daimler company practices, launched encryption technology based incentive scheme. The insurance company can also use the owner of the vehicle data to reward them for safe driving, and repair shops can reward those who adhere to the daily maintenance of the driver.

6. to encourage vehicle ownership sharing

The car service company Lyft and Uber is already in use or not to use the car to reshape our way. In the application on the brush a few, the driver will drive you to the destination. Including the Tesla electric car chief executive Ilon Mask (Elon Musk), many experts believe that self driving cars will lift this trend to a new level.

You ride in the city car will no longer include the driver, if you have a vehicle, you can add it to the automatic driving team earned extra money when you do not use “”. Block chain can help realize this vision. In August 2017, the consulting firm Ernst Young (EY) announced the launch of Tesseract. This system is based on the block chain not only promote carpool service, and vehicle ownership sharing. Finally, it can help the owners of the autonomous vehicle management of the whole team.

The use of Tesseract, any group of people can share the ownership of the car. For example, they can have 10 cars or rely on other means of transport, but not everyone wants to own a car. When necessary, they can access the vehicle through the application of activity and the car block chain will record each car. The automatic payment system will agree on the owners of all. Maybe they will put the cost per kilometer is allocated to the shared account, or to pay a certain proportion of the monthly car payments, depending on the frequency of the use of their cars.

When self driving cars become the norm, the owner can use Tesseract system or similar way to manage the whole team. They just take each car to block chain clock, the user through the application request and then use payment authorization.

[source] technology NetEase

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