Block chain Chainalysis or let bitcoin blackmail become the past

Block chain Chainalysis or let bitcoin blackmail become the past


Chainalysis’s chief executive, law enforcement agencies can they expect equipment company’s technology in the near future can to hold people accountable for blackmail attack people.

Enveloped in the major companies on bitcoin blackmail haze may soon come to an end. According to the analysis of the meaning of Chainalysis block chain company, law enforcement agencies are paying close attention to the nature of the fight against cyber crime.

A sharp rise in the number of attacks in recent days. When cyber criminals first focus on individual users, a small amount of blackmail on it, but now the situation intensified, they will be aimed at a broader goal of talons. Some recent target attacks including large enterprises, banks and financial institutions, banks and a racing team. The police department is needless to say.

The cryptography with bitcoin anonymity so far to combat extortion attacks caused no small trouble. However, with the development of the blockchain technology, now it has allowed law enforcement agencies to track these transactions.

According to Chainalysis, the company’s solutions have a great demand in the law enforcement departments. MichaelGronager statement, chief executive of Chainalysis, their company’s bitcoin tracking technology by the United States, Britain, Asia law enforcement agency application and achieved good result. Chainalysis technology for the capture of DD4BC (hackers) members also help.

Michael it is a technical publications referenced:

“Ransomware attacks every year due to public property losses of up to $100 billion, fortunately our technology will help reduce the loss, and these criminals sent to the detention center. I expect to see the criminals were arrested in the near future, at the same time, law enforcement agencies can complete investigation of blackmail attack operation.”

Even if the purpose of Chainalysis technology is to provide solutions for anti money laundering for banks and financial institutions, but the fact that it is also an effective tool for law enforcement agencies. Michael believes that Bitfinex exchange attack recently caused heavy losses to the hackers responsible. He hopes he can in the company’s tools hackers before they decided to seize the stolen goods as soon as possible.

With more and play the role of block chain technology in banking and finance in the field of the Chainalysis, it is expected to get more customers in the near future. Recently, Chainalysis software has broken the different categories of risk bitcoin transactions. The software also allows each organization found from the deep web threats, and does not need other people can own investigation blackmail or extortion threats.

He also reported that their company’s tools in the United States last year more than 5000 responsible for investigating suspicious transactions.

Once the network crime and law enforcement departments began to fight against extortion and malicious attacks, so with bitcoin related crime will be reduced, eventually it will also change the negative image of digital currency.

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