Block chain daily: the official focus on bitcoin prices soaring, EOS registered accounts exceeded 600 thousand

Morning broadcast market: BTC 4100USDT mainstream breakthrough currency rose

BTC continued to rise in the morning today, up to $4117.67, very strong, refused to callback. The rest of the mainstream encryption currency rose BCH, the largest increase, up 6.47%.

1. of the global digital currency total market value of $133 billion 944 million, 24 hours turnover of $26 billion 724 million.

2.BTC is the global average price of $4110.37, 24 or 1.30% hours. Fire currency prices 4014.11USDT Pro, OKEx 4012.78USDT for the price, the price of 4016USDT with money.

3. according to the CoinMarketCap market, other leading currencies as follows: ETH temporarily reported $115.16 (+12.84%); XRP (+5.15%) for $0.373301; EOS temporarily reported $2.69 (+7.01%); LTC temporarily reported $32.61 (+9.87%); according to Bitfinex, BAB temporarily reported $201.91 (+1.23%), BSV (temporarily reported $115.5 +0.43%).

According to 4. CoinMarketCap market, the market value of the top 100 dollar 90 rose fell 10.

According to the 5. non small data, the concept of plate 20 up 0 down. Or the top three: bitcoin copycat (+17.76%), based on DAG (+13.72%), anonymous currency (+11%).

6.CBOE bitcoin 12 month futures contract offer of $4058.21, CME bitcoin 12 month futures contract offer $4020.

Securities Daily: 80 block chain stocks, only 10 landing results

“Securities Daily” reported that the 80 block chain stocks, 23 regulatory inquiries, accounted for 30%, which occurred in the first quarter of 2/3 inquiries. 10 landing results in the company, block chain business covers entertainment, medical, energy, finance and other fields, among them, the results of the most 4 home entertainment floor, layout of the scene, 3 of which focus on the development of the blockchain electronic equipment, including Zhuo wing technology in collaboration with the thunder “play off cloud”, Chen Xin Technology sub Hao Xin company Internet “Deathmatch cloud”, and 2345 “octopus planet”.

Former vice governor of Guangdong Province: propulsion system block chain and so on the importance of project coordination of financial supervision

According to the Securities Daily reported, said in an Chinese Securities Daily reporter interviewed former vice governor of Guangdong province Chen Yunxian the day before, the best role of the financial regulatory framework has not yet been fully played out, the need to strengthen financial supervision and coordination from five aspects, in order to effectively guard against financial risks, promote the essence of financial development. Fifth: the importance of project should promote the coordination of financial supervision system. For example, the study of artificial intelligence, block chain, “The Belt and Road” project to promote the financial development of Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, systemic financial risk prevention and mitigation.

Messari CEO Ryan Selkis: investors will flock to bitcoin in difficult times

Encryption assets research organization Messari CEO Ryan Selkis said recently, block chain based assets (i.e. bitcoin) of the original case is “money”. The use of bitcoin in daily work as money is currently not feasible, but has begun to change. Selkis pointed out that at some point (perhaps now), the capital market will experience “inflationary recession”. Investors will be in tough times “to” place of value, such as digital gold. At present, digital gold most reflected by bitcoin represents, therefore, the traditional once consumers to lose confidence in the market, bitcoin may see the pressure to buy into.

Part of the Tmall Jingdong, businesses to implement “shopping is”

According to domestic media news, recently there are a lot of shopping rebate platform declared itself as “a new generation of shopping rebate platform” blockchain technology development based on the block and hook chain lies in: platform token in accordance with the consensus mechanism and intelligent contract allocation, the total issuance is fixed, and the output year-on-year reduction, to ensure the continuous appreciation of the token, token up to a certain amount of withdrawals. These sets on the block chain vest these rebate platform, and had the most different is that the Commission, pumping into into the amount of token there is appreciation of space.

Shanghai municipal government deputy secretary general: for the new financial technology such as block chain should be more open attitude

According to Caixin reported that in December 20th, the Shanghai municipal government deputy secretary general Chen Mingbo in Shanghai Free Trade Zone ninth case of financial innovation conference that, innovation needs to make science and technology, industry, financial three better together. The innovation behind more and more difficult, on the one hand is the rules and regulations of the ceiling. On the other hand, the service of the real economy, science and technology financial innovation called, it is comprehensive, so there is no resource linking effectively is the key. Shanghai in 2020 to build the basic pressure of the international financial center is not small, the current Chinese financial institutions to go out, the internationalization had not done enough for the new financial technology such as block chain should be more open attitude to the problems such as the P2P platform of thunder etc. should not be “across the board”.

Ripple: block chain technology and encryption currency has been institutional investors as well as the world’s top 500 enterprises with and accept

According to ambcrypto reports, Ripple recently said in a blog, block chain technology and encryption currency has been institutional investors as well as the world’s top 500 enterprises with and accept. JP Morgan chase and Goldman Sachs Group and other large companies have also been mentioned is exploring a new technology block chain etc..

The launch of Bitpanda encryption card will contain EOS currency

According to the gravity observation reports, Bitpanda launched a crypto currency card will contain EOS. Bitpanda is the leading European sale of digital currency retail agents, with more than 900 thousand users. released DAPP DAPP ecological map, as many as hundreds of

In December 21st, released a new EOS Dapp ecological map push, covering social networking, games, charity and other 19 areas, up to hundreds of Dapp.

ABC secretaries: block chain integration of financial technology and financial accelerator, subversion of the business logic and the service mode of traditional commercial bank

According to reports, 20, director of the Agricultural Bank of China Secretary Zhou Wanfu said in Beijing, innovation of digital financial services in rural areas is imperative. In recent years, mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, block chain financial technology, and accelerate the integration of financial, business logic and subversion of the traditional service model of commercial banks, but also provides an effective way to solve the problem of rural financial services. Commercial banks must actively use the Internet thinking and financial technology innovation to serve the agriculture mode, provide more convenient, integrated and intelligent financial services for farmers.

The United States congressman put forward “2018 token classification” key is the separation of virtual currency and securities

According to news, recently the United States Senator Warren Davidson congregation and Mr. Darren Soto proposed a is named “2018 token Classification Act, should be separated from the definition of virtual currency securities, and clearly the virtual currency called” digital tokens “, and formally submitted in the house of representatives.

China import and Export Bank of former Vice President: the introduction of block chain technology, information, data, credit layers

According to reports, China import and Export Bank of former vice president Cao Tong 20 in China news agency sponsored a “new era of reform and opening of China” is a speech on the forum, puts forward the concept of “debt three”, “debt board” is carrying the maximum number, not in the inter-bank market access and exchange business the financing needs of the OTC bond market. How to develop the debt board market, Cao Tong put forward six proposals, one is to restore market neutral understanding of “non-standard”, two is to support the loan financing behavior of non bank financial institution, three is to encourage diversified investors to actively participate in the “debt board market, the four is to support local financial asset trading where is the core of the construction and development of the OTC tangible trading places, five is the introduction of big data, artificial intelligence, block chain technology, information, data, credit layers, six financial regulators face a” non standard “in the statistical examination of the corresponding level of policy design.

Coin ring:

1, God fish: ant T9 can boot again

2, CCTV financial concern bitcoin station on the $4000 mark

3 90%, the Monroe coins have been dug up

4, the researchers: “Santa Claus rally” phenomenon for digital currency market

5, the platform of Bitfinex BTC on the $4100, compared with other mainstream exchange premium

Chain ring:

1, former vice chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission China: development block chain technology will promote the insurance industry

2, South Korean President Law: first to accept the block chain and other new technologies will promote economic development

3, the McKinsey report: block chain infrastructure technology is the key areas of investment in financial technology

4, the “thousand person plan” Professor Cai Weide: infrastructure block chain will become the biggest market in the future

5, the world’s first regulated block chain of real estate to raise public platform in Switzerland on the line

The Economist: encryption market the next few weeks will still fluctuate

According to CCN reports, traders and economists, Kr technology analyst Alex ger said that the money market has stopped below the main encryption support, and high strength to maintain a $100 billion support level. Kr ger believes that in the next few weeks, the market may continue to fluctuate, medium-term and long-term bull market can not lead to a strong rebound.

EOS registered accounts exceeded 600 thousand, compared to other chain of active users still prevail

According to IMEOS news, December 20th EOS, the main account number exceeded 600 thousand. Less than a month, the main EOS account from 11 December 16, 50 million to 60 million jump. Spider Store data show that the current EOS network 24 hours ETH24 hours 51959 active users, 9222 active users. The main EOS up the center of the exchanges Newdex24 hours 1414 active users, 24h trading volume 112970EOS. ETH to the center of the exchanges IDEX24 hours 879 active users, 24h trading volume 3561ETH. At present, only the number of Dapp Ethernet square and other public chain compared advantage, from user activity angle, trading volume and active accounts analysis EOS still ranked in the upper hand.

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