Block chain: go to the center of the ideal country

Block chain: go to the center of the ideal country

I. Introduction

In 2016, the chain block name sounds abruptly quickly popular in the whole Internet world. Now, all walks of life and the Internet expressed great enthusiasm for the blockchain, expected block chain play an important role in various electronic currency, bills, clearing and settlement, equity transactions, audit, notarization, games and other fields. Block chain concept popular, this source of natural attributes in the block chain to the center, open, shared and open source, block chain established equality and trust mechanism from the underlying protocol, to stimulate the human pursuit of freedom and equality since ancient times, to the center of control feelings.

Two obvious characteristics, the blockchain ideal country

With the traditional block chain technology is not the same, the perfect solution to the center of the consensus problem, eliminate the information asymmetry of the crisis center, it tries to build an open, shared, go to the center of the ideal country; block chain will also introduce economic incentive form an ideal country, closely integrated with the real world the ecological circle, the block chain ideal country possess self renewing and self perfection function.

(a) block chain was established to perfect the trust mechanism under the centralization

Trust is like air indispensable. In advocating open, equality, cooperation, sharing of the Internet world, there are a lot of Internet trust scheme and example: three handshake protocols such as TCP, provides the reliability problem of trust between nodes; two factor authentication for enhancing trust client; CA certificate public key into the client certificate. The trust mechanism can be established with client authentication center. However, these techniques are based on trust as the center of the service system, is a solution for dealing with some local trust issues, and no system to establish trust mechanism of point to point.

Block chain is not the same, it will include cryptography, distributed, peer-to-peer core elements integrated in the block chain data structure, through mathematical algorithm combining cryptography theory to establish a trust agreement in the global scope. In point to point and to the center of the environment, the establishment of trust mechanism need to consider several issues:

One is the consensus problem, eliminate disintermediation;

Two is the information confidentiality and integrity assurance, prevent tampering and falsifying information;

The three is to be open, to ensure that the information transparency and traceability.

Block chain is how to do it?

First, block chain using data structures unique. Block chain according to the time order, the time trading blocks through the hash value chain to form a specific structure. The data structure of chain type by cryptographic algorithm ensures that the information will not be tampered with, can not be forged.

Secondly, a distributed block chain is established to the center of the sharing of books. The books are shared in the whole network of all the nodes in the system each, resulting in a string of transactions, will be broadcast to each node, and the node on the miners to verify and update records. And the relationship between nodes is equal, not the center of the service node exists. The mechanism of the data sharing but also ensure the integrity of the whole network of books a few nodes will not collapse.

Again, the block chain is open and transparent and verifiable. In order to avoid the center of the system of information asymmetry and trust crisis, block chain provides a transparent mechanism of information: from two aspects, one is the transaction level, when the transaction occurs, all participants in the chain will receive the same information, and these records are public inquiry. Two is the block chain protocol is completely open source, everyone knows the block chain system logic and rules.

Also, the blockchain established a consensus mechanism based on the proof of work. That famous Byzantine Generals Problem: in distributed communication, on the premise of mutual distrust, it is difficult to deal with the consensus problem. Block chain into the proof of work, through the use of POW (proof of work), POS (equity certificate) and DPOS (shares authorized proof) and POOL (verification pool) consensus mechanism to resolve the Byzantine general consensus on the issue point.

Block chain is “trust machine”, it is open source, and open to the center. This is based on the characteristics of the block chain, you can imagine, a project has the attribute block chain was approved, the project will be sought after and trust. If the user uses the blockchain to the center of the exchange based on false trading, can bring to the center of the exchange to avoid Juankuan escape and other concerns; using the block chain network about car system based on the network platform to send about the number of kilometers traveled, singled out the single malicious modify driver will not worry. This is the world of the block chain influence and let people expect the place.

(two) block chain construction ecosystem benign development

With big data, cloud computing, Internet of things is not the same, not only is the block chain solutions in a technical field, unlike the TCP/IP protocol, the blockchain protocol is not only a basic agreement, the blockchain established a set of developers, miners, users as one of the ecosystem, also derived from the community mine, pool, exchange and other organizations. In the white paper under the rules, the interdependence of these organizations and individuals closely, and constitute the blockchain ideal country an inalienable part of the.

In this to the center of the circle: the core developers and project developers based on the underlying protocol, block chain protocol application development projects; through the consumption of hardware, power miners and artificial math competition, packing block and get bitcoin reward and transaction fees; the user through the exchange, transfer and other channels to obtain or consume bitcoin.

The blockchain successfully innovative business model into the ecosystem. The global block chain project will often issue a virtual currency, and the total amount of money in the initial limit. The project put into operation after the developers will usually get a certain percentage of virtual currency rewards, when the success of the project and approved by more and more people through the exchange currency to buy virtual currency, so as to push the high price of virtual currency, developers, and exchange pool benefit, this virtuous cycle makes blocks to maintain the healthy development of ecological chain.

In the ecological circle block chain, each link closely buckled, any problems are likely to affect the balance of the system. Bitcoin as an example, in the price stabilization period, if bitcoin prices suddenly fell and maintained for a long time, in the calculation of the force constant, mining profits will be reduced, the miners enthusiasm decline, and even lead to bankruptcy of miners, the bitcoin ecosystem will be destroyed. So bitcoin prices in the long run, must have been to maintain a stable ecosystem price.

Three, to achieve the ideal the obstacles in the chain block

The blockchain will go to the center of the Republic as the supreme spiritual strength, in the eyes of lovers, enter an ideal country project should be highly decentralized and perfect autonomy. However, as Platon assumes the ideal philosophy king country such, there is always a gap between ideal and reality, the blockchain ideal country is not perfect, there are many obstacles in the realization of the ideal country on the road.

The center of the block chain is not perfect bearing in the center of the Internet architecture, block chain industry chain there are developers, mineral pools, exchange and other stakeholders in the block chain development, developers and mine pool right to speak more and more, in front of some major development and emergencies, affecting the blockchain may be the center of interest and right.

The main problem of landing areas landing problems: the block chain protocol is applicable to complex application scenarios? The blockchain economic incentives work proof methods are suitable to the alliance, private chain chain? Whether the application can meet the technical requirements of the blockchain huge trading volume, how to undertake effective and existing business systems?

The information security problem in the block chain, safety critical system nodes on its private key, wallet and the private key may be phishing, viruses and other threats. Just think, if you put a car in the storage block chain as intellectual property, but accidentally put the private key lost, which means your car no longer belong to you, I am afraid it is difficult to accept. In addition, although trading books anonymous but public sharing easy inspection, increase the user privacy risk exposure.

Low awareness blockchain obscure technology. Many people put bitcoin Ponzi style marketing “,” bitcoin no value “and” unlimited copy n type bitcoin virtual currency bitcoin and Q is similar to the “and so on questions and questions, this may become an obstacle to development of block chain technology.

Four, the outlook for the future

Block chain technology is very attractive, very high expectations of all walks of life. But the block chain and can not completely replace the traditional technology center. With the traditional technology center of high maturity, high processing efficiency and to support massive data processing. Block chain low processing efficiency, realizes the application of the scene is relatively simple, such as bitcoin is mainly to achieve the functions of transfer transactions, a bitcoin transaction usually takes a few minutes to complete, low efficiency. In addition, users of the blockchain trusted advantage does not care, such as the train ticket booking system, users pay more attention to the function realization, and do not care whether the ticketing system using the block chain technology. Therefore, we can boldly predicted: the future should be the center and to the center of the system and overlay.

Now, bitcoin, Ethernet square block chain application has occupied a space for one person in the Republic, as well as what the future application may enter the blockchain Utopia? The Internet has a lot of discussion. These areas of finance, networking, notary, auditing, certificates, insurance and so on are most likely to achieve the blockchain proof of concept, let us look forward to the blockchain application influential next.

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