Block chain is not suitable for storing personal information? The blockchain welfare payment system of the British government accused might leak information

Block chain is not suitable for storing personal information? The blockchain welfare payment system of the British government accused might leak information

About a week ago, the British government launched a chain block experiment, to the payment of benefits. But some experts said that this experiment is very dangerous, it is easy to divulge personal information.

The project by the UK Department for work and pensions (DWP) launched GovCoin, Germany, authorized the Rhine group of London technology company (Rwe) and the University College London jointly.

The British welfare reform Minister Lord Freud (LordFreud) said?:

Beneficiaries can use a mobile phone APP to receive the benefits and costs. As long as they agree that their transactions will be recorded in distributed books, which can help them finance.

At the beginning of this year, the British government office of science technology distributed books published a report (full text download). Laid the foundation for the experiment.

The report pointed out that the block chain technology will virtually as welfare spending limit set.

The blockchain welfare payment system is likely to be in business transactions between relief and setting limits.

Non profit organization (ODI OpenDataInstitute) said that the public chain can not be changed, and is completely transparent, therefore it is not suitable for the storage of personal information, and it may lead to the problem of information leakage. After all, human flesh search, identity theft problems are very rampant.

Some block chain case, such as records of benefit payments, it is easy to cause information leakage. Whether it is issued or the recipient information, they have potential risks.

ODI agent CEO Jieni? Tennyson (JeniTennison) said, although DWP said the experiment is voluntary as a precondition, but will block chain for benefit payments is still a lot of potential danger.

Try new technology is good, but the store personal information can not change the platform is always full of risk.

In order to prevent the government’s experimental use of criminals, in this kind of experiment, DWP must open its policy objectives and protection measures to the outside of the potential risks and some experiences and lessons.

The charity Gingerbread is committed to solving the problems of single parent families, the policy director Dailieya Gallimard (DaliaBen-Galim) said, this experiment is likely to set more restrictions for the relief object.

The single parent family can receive benefits are few. Data show that single parent families of minors in poverty will be doubled in 2020.

A DWP spokesman said:

We will improve the means of payment in the premise of ensuring information security, continue to pursue new technology.

The purpose of this experiment is to explore the application of distributed technology books in terms of financial inclusion, and provide financial services through anonymous access to data. We do not set any restrictions, the receiver can freely traded in the US on the payment system.

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