Block chain let Alipay “unemployment”? The payment service does not think so

Block chain let Alipay “unemployment”? The payment service does not think so

As the reform is expected to pay blockchain technology really makes Alipay “unemployed”? The latter obviously does not think so.

The payment service chief technology officer Cheng Li bluntly told the surging news reporters in July 31st during the sixth session of the third Shanghai new financial year and the Internet financial summit in the Bund “, without considering the application block chain in the field of payment.


“When down, now Alipay technology has good service users, our global payment model, is a very promising mode, no longer feel the block chain can directly create value for us, if you do not see the direct value, we will not because of the need to use technology and technology.” Cheng Li said.

The so-called block chain is a kind of digital books can not be tampered with characteristics, informally, any written records of the block chain can not be altered, to facilitate public supervision and auditing. As a potentially transformative technology, with a view of the next twenty years, effect of block chain and related technology brought to the world, will influence and the Internet in the past twenty years as profound.

And in the financial sector, the blockchain fans think, block chain has a subversive sense of the payment industry: a block chain, will be paid directly between the two sides, not involving intermediaries, such as banks and third party payment agencies etc.. Earlier, LendingClub co-founder SoulHtite (Su Haide) had unequivocally said, let people pay the blockchain free, so that Alipay would have no meaning.

However, in the view of some financial professionals, the ideal is very beautiful, but the reality is very skinny.

The same occasion, ICBC President Yang Kaisheng original number is directly used to remind you, avoid the infectious enthusiasm for the blockchain.

“Due to the block chain for payment by the parties to the transaction is completed, skip the intermediate links to the past, so the efficiency will be greatly improved. However, we also need to pay attention to, in order to realize this goal, the blockchain technology at present level, also need to have several orders of magnitude improvement.” Yang Kaisheng said: “for example, narrow block chain network broadcast, take a very long time, only one digit transactions per second, while the trading volume of traditional financial institutions per second are often more than a few pens; now the average daily trading volume of the largest bitcoin blockchain network is about 200000, there was even a pen after ten hours of trading was able to confirm the situation, and a relatively large banks tend to be more than the average daily trading volume of 100 million pen.”

Although not yet considering the core field of payment, but in July 31st of this year, gold service announced that the application of ant blockchain technology in the public scene. Previously, the public can choose to donate, but do not know exactly when to give donations by donors, donations in support of block chain technology to public welfare projects, after the completion of the project, you can view the “love transfer record”, can see the donation project, how to finance money payment.

Since we do not intend to deliver the blockchain applied to the field of payment, but the ant payment services in the future going to block the chain?

“We will still be around this point, the block chain can increase trust, when a scene, the user needs an additional layer of trust, such as some of the relatively new financial services scenario, it will have the blockchain useless. In addition, we also investigate the computing technology in block chain technology and cloud, between how to do an effective combination, can effectively landing, we have a relatively thorough comparison technique. At the same time, we also pay special attention to the underlying block chain security, based on the algorithm, based on technology innovation platform, make corresponding technical reserves.” Cheng Li said.

Despite the application in block chain technology, but the ant gold dress stressed that in the implementation of innovation for the blockchain stage, under the existing regulatory framework to consider this technology can bring value.

“Take no thought of the ant gold block chain technology of virtual currency.” Cheng Li said.

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