Block chain support act passed by Congress to vote

Block chain support act passed by Congress to vote

The house has already passed a call for national science and technology innovation policy is not legally binding legislation, including support for digital currency and block chain technology.

The bill was proposed in July, calling for the U.S. government to draft a national policy on science and technology, but also specifically mentioned the digital currency and block chain. The bill is by the state of Indiana on behalf of AdamKinzinger and TonyCardenas with the drafting of the representatives of the state of California.

This afternoon, the bill passed the vote, also issued a notice. Although not legally binding, but the method may be that Congress will digital currency and block chain technology put on the step of the agenda.

The bill is to discuss the technology of the House Committee on energy and commerce, and from supporters of the comments that members of the house are also interested in this problem.

Texas Republican Representative MichaelBurgess said:

“There is no doubt that the technology innovation chain block technology is the most advanced.”

To the end of the next parliament election on November, then it will put forward the relevant substantive and bitcoin blockchain bill remains to be seen.

However, today a bipartisan bill passed by the members of the joint show that the scheme will be further promoted in the next year, whether in the house or in the senate.

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