Block chain was spotted? The UAE telecom giants seek related applications

Block chain was spotted? The UAE telecom giants seek related applications

If you are the UAE telecom giant Du color Hall of Dubai headquarters of the marvel, then you out it, the real highlight in its registration information system.

Dubai operators blockchain medical authentication

Early, Du to do business customers to provide their own a plastic ID card, Du card will be stored in a blue wooden box. However, due to traffic grow with each passing day Du changed its policy. They give customers a yellow sticky, with handwritten numerals, and then the information stored in the system update.

However, as the traffic is more and more big, the old system has been unable to solve the problem of customer information storage.

In order to solve the problem of identity information, application of the Ministry of Commerce vice president JoseValles Du began to explore the blockchain. Valles said, this can be said to be to expand the current service of the Du, because the Du began to provide services for the banking transaction authentication chain block.

Du and Etisalat are called the two major telecom operators, the annual income of 12 billion 340 million dirhams (UAE official currency; the equivalent of $3 million), about 7000000 customer service. Valles believes that with the strength of Du and a huge customer base, one day will block chain technology popularization application.

Block chain can provide opportunities are limitless, application range is very wide. As long as the transaction, there comes the blockchain.

In order to study the block chain technology, Du joined the Dubai global blockchain Committee (GBC), the association created by the government investment in the future innovation center Museum (MuseumoftheFuture) was established, consisting of more than 40 members. These members are from regulators, financial institutions, technology start-ups etc..

Dubai global blockchain Committee (GBC) received 7 proposals last week, shows the research results of block chain technology. However, the Du proposal will block chain technology for medical records the best response.

Block chain medical authentication

Medical data storage

Valles said that the government of Dubai to explore the scheme of secure storage of medical records inspired Du to the proposal.

The medical field is in the exploration of the feasibility of block chain technology, recently came to the blockchain start-up companies Gem and PHILPS (Philips) medical departments.

Valles said: the safety of medical data is indeed a big risk. We think we can through the block chain technology to solve this problem completely.

Dubai global blockchain Committee (GBC) expressed appreciation for the Valles in secure storage of medical records for this effort, in line with the objectives of GBC.

In order to successfully implement the medical plan, Du and Estonia (Eastern Europe) distributed books startup GuardTime to establish a cooperative relationship. The government of Estonia from 2011 began to cooperate with the start-up company Guardtime, the protection of public security and internal records. According to news reports, Guardtime has successfully protect the Estonia 1 million copies of medical records of security.

Valles, Du and Guardtime are finishing the work of the project, also called for active participation in United Arab Emirates hospital.

The long-term development opportunities

For the Du block chain technology, there are more long-term plans: for the identity information field.

Valles said: the block chain technology must have business opportunities, because we have the perfect KYC (Know-Your-Customer) cognitive process. We can verify the identity of the user in the call block chain technology.

When asked about the updated Du information system, Valles said it is not clear.

He said Du also need to comprehensively test the block chain technology. But he also expressed optimism about the block chain technology.

When people start the road, do not know the existence of cement. Just as there are unforeseen benefits of block chain technology for economic development.

The blockchain will improve people’s living standard.

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