Block chain will reconstruct the insurance for the future

Block chain will reconstruct the insurance for the future

As a new technology, an important force in the blockchain will become an important content of insurance and insurance to promote the innovation of science and technology. The reason is: first, block chain and insurance with gene relationship; second, insurance is a typical scene block chain application; third, block chain will reconstruct the insurance for the future. Therefore, PICC and Chinese Insurance Association jointly launched a research project on the blockchain insurance.

Research shows that the insurance and the block chain has four links: one is social. This is the common features of insurance and the blockchain, two have “genetic similarity”, this is the insurance and block chain to achieve the logical basis of integration and innovation. Two is the only. This is the insurance business difficulties and pain points, at the same time, also block chain technology and highlights”. Block chain for settlement of insurance field “the only problem” provides a new possible. Three is the time. Time of the essence is to solve the uniqueness problem, rigid time management is an important basis for the insurance business, is also a problem. The blockchain timestamp technology for time management only provides an ideal solution. The four is security. Information (data) it is self-evident importance of safety for the insurance industry, the blockchain technology has opened a new space for information security management, and then provides a new possibility for the innovation and development of insurance.

In the insurance chain block application process, we should pay high attention to the reconstruction of credit, insurance object, insurance events and the execution of the contract in four areas. The reconstruction of the traditional mode of existence: Credit Trust relatively high maintenance cost, service supply inequality, block chain technology to reconstruct trust with a new perspective and possible. Insurance: either standard or underwriting, claims will be damaged, are related to the subject matter of the insurance “uniqueness” to identify and confirm the problem, provides a new path for solving block chain and other related technology “the only difficulty”. Insurance underwriting events: from the perspective of location and time are important factors to determine the rate and risk assessment; from the perspective of claims, location and time is an important basis for determining the insurance liability and loss, block chain technology provides a new perspective for insurance management event space. The execution of the contract: block chain and intelligent contract, will provide a disruptive change to the execution of the contract, and fundamentally solve the problem of rigid and fair, efficiency is the basic guarantee contract.

In research at the same time, the project puts forward the ten scenarios, including: new ecological insurance marketing and mutual insurance and reinsurance, there are 2 new personal insurance (Health) new opportunities, new insurance, pension management, may new credit insurance, claims new tools, anti fraud weapon and insurance regulation means. At the same time, project implementation of specific landing two block chain insurance application project, is a breeding insurance service platform based on the block chain, two is the blockchain “Paul V project based on alliance.

通过研究形成了保险行业应用区块链技术的十大观点:一是保险是区块链应用的典型场景;二就初期应用而言,“寻找天花板”是务实之道,行业和产业链是最佳应用场景,联盟链是最佳技术路径;三是保险的区块链技术应用基础领域有标的事件(时空)和执行;四是以区块链的逻辑和技术“特点”,破解行业发展的“痛点”和“难点”是区块链应用的价值所在,更是灵魂所在,切忌牵强附会,更避免将区块链技术“虚化”和“矮化”;五是个人信息隐私保护已成为突出的社会问题,应确立“数权”概念和意识,加大保护力度;六是区块链应与互联网、定位技术、大数据、生物识别、人工智能等技术配合与协同,形成保险科技与创新的核心能力;七是区块链不是万能的,切忌“神话”;八是区块链仍然是一个发展中的技术,因此,既不能求全责备,更需要与时俱进; The nine is to focus on the innovation mode of integration of business and technology, focusing on the platform construction; ten is the insurance for the future belongs to the new business model innovation based on technology innovation and application.

For the future, the block chain is not only a new technology, will become the core strength of basic resources and important reconstruction, and promote the iterative innovation insurance business model. Therefore, the insurance industry should attach great importance to increase investment, and actively explore, comprehensive cooperation, through the establishment of insurance block chain technology alliances, better set the strength and wisdom of the industry, to jointly promote the research, development and application of block chain industry.

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