“Blockchain” Iran bitcoin mining can still profit; Japan’s financial services agency announced the annual activity report

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Iran bitcoin mining can profit

Japan’s financial services agency announced the annual activity report

The UK will increase encryption industry supervision

Changsha government issued “on the block chain industry view”

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Industry dynamics

The approval of Monex:Coincheck has not yet been officially confirmed

12 Sept. 19, according to the Nikkei reported that “the FSA will allow Coincheck to become a registered encryption currency exchange, Coincheck parent company Monex Group has not yet confirmed the matter that day. However, the company confirmed that the Japanese authorities are considering the application of coincheck. Monex also said that the current Coincheck has not yet been confirmed officially registered.

The people of Iran can still bitcoin mining profit

According to cointelegraph quoted the international affairs think tank the Atlantic Council News, despite the recent encryption market collapse, and the United States to strengthen sanctions to the people of Iran Riyal fluctuation, can through mining bitcoin profit. It is reported that Iran in energy subsidies ranked first in the world, accounting for the annual GDP 10.4%.

The blockchain public demonstration project of South Korea next year will expand to 2 times this year

According to Yonhap news agency, Korea Science and technology information and communication ministry said today that the next block chain public demonstration project will be expanded to 2 times this year, private projects will be to promote the information industry and will be 26 on the hall of science and technology in South Korea and South Korea Internet Security Bureau, National Development Institute, information and communication technology cooperation center held the 2019 year career that will block chain comprehensive plan, will promote the 12 project development (7 billion 200 million won), to ensure that the global competitiveness of block chain technology.

Regulatory policy

Japan’s financial services agency announced the annual activity report

The first mention of virtual currency related events in Japan’s financial services agency (FSA) recently announced the annual activity report “financial office a year”, describes the financial department in the period from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 activities. This report is Japan’s first mentioned virtual currency related events. In the “future investment strategy”, expounds the main measures to promote innovation of financial department, such as the application of block chain technology. The number of virtual currency and other consulting counseling from the financial department, according to factors classification, there are 2799 common consultation (47%), the relevant administrative requirements of the 14433 (24%). In addition, the report also mentioned that the virtual currency Research Association, Coincheck, administrative penalties for theft of domestic virtual currency exchange.

London: Director of municipal supervision industry will increase encryption

According to thecourier reports, London municipal director John Glen said that the government is prepared to give the UK financial conduct authority (FCA) greater powers to supervise the industry. The government will consult in early next year, ready to expand the scope of regulation legislation, to ensure that the FCA regulation applies to all encryption assets, regardless of their structure.

Changsha government issued “on the block chain industry view”

According to Changsha evening news, Changsha municipal government office issued “on the day before the block chain industry view”, the next three years, Changsha will strengthen the core technology research, promote the development of construction industry, the typical demonstration and application of ecology, enhance risk control ability, brought together a group of block chain enterprises, gather a group of blockchain professionals and create a number of innovative research and development platform, a number of breakthroughs in key technologies, block chain to foster a batch of new industry chain based on block, building block chain industry influential country gathering and demonstration application base.

Application of landing

Calgary SAIT college awarded to graduates of the certificate key chain block

According to the 51 news reports, is located in Kagari (Calgary) SAIT school graduates, in addition to get paper diploma, will also receive a secret key certificate chain block. The school’s chief information officer Duffy (Daniel Duffy) said that the majority of people understand the blockchain currency through encryption. Block chain and this technique can be used as public, not tampered with books. After the personal data in their encryption, only they themselves can get. This approach also brings convenience to the employer, they no longer need to obtain transcripts to the University, college graduates can be certificates issued to the employer or other university, do not pay any fees. The employers and the university can immediately check the certificate of authenticity. This month the first batch of blockchain certificate students, will be the 25 graduates of automobile maintenance technical workers learning project.

Dynamic giant

WAL-MART food traceability chain has been tracking over 6300 blocks of store vegetables

According to entrepreneur reports, WAL-MART said that all the vegetables have been used to track the block chain of its more than 6300 stores. As of January 31, 2019, all suppliers will be formally required to track the supply chain block.

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