Blockstream in patent storm, bitcoin expansion is fierce controversy

Blockstream in patent storm, bitcoin expansion is fierce controversy

Recently, the Swedish The Pirate Party founder RickFalkvinge Blockstream has accused the bitcoin industry company witnessed isolation and pointed out its patent, in favor of isolation is the witness because of patent issues. RickFalkvinge said, Blockstream support isolated witness is in the protection of their own interests. BlockstreamCEO said not to face charges, and hold the relevant patent. The charges lead caused a sensation in the industry.

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Blockstream is designed to expand the company bitcoin protocol layer function, extension mechanism led the development of side chain, received a $21 million investment in 2014, bitcoin core development team some leading members also at Blockstream company. The relationship between Blockstream and the bitcoin core development team, in the face of bitcoin expansion on the dispute, is likely to be driven by the interests in position, with bitcoin core development team in the industry, said that if the patent case, is likely to affect the future development direction of bitcoin the.

The problem is that the current expansion of bitcoin development the biggest stumbling block, according to foreign media reports cointelegraph, there is no confirmation of the bitcoin trading MemPool, within a day more than more than 80 thousand, most of the bitcoin transactions are delayed for 48 hours. In addition, in the case of an expansion of bitcoin, bitcoin users to confirm the transaction in advance, you need to pay a higher fee, on the one hand, was a lot of bitcoin payment advocates tucao. Due to the bitcoin network garbage trading, in order to maintain the safety and stability of the system, the founder of the Cong bitcoin block size is set to 1M, with bitcoin participants increasing block size can not meet the needs of users, so bitcoin must expand.

But in the expansion direction, bitcoin core development team that does not improve the block size, the transaction can be used side chain lightning network congestion, expansion of school said bitcoin most important deals in the side chain, seem to have escaped from the development route of bitcoin, do not value the block capacity was Blockstream the community that as early as 2016. However, Bitcoincore (bitcoin core development team) is that the blind expansion will lead to bitcoin split, so the side chain and the isolation to witness this more moderate way, the community was in a fierce debate over a year.

Once the bitcoin software branch, with related patent in Blockstream’s case, most people think Blcokstream and bitcoin core development team will control bitcoin. Bitcoin originally is open source, but the main function of a large number of transactions on the side chain, the side chain or by a company with the patent control technology company, and the company hired a member of bitcoin core development team, this is a very terrible thing very absurd.

At present, in the patent charges, both sides have not come up with evidence.

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