Blockstream launched fifth bitcoin blockchain satellite broadcasting

12 17 April Forbes reports, block chain development company Blockstream is expanding its satellite service range, is now to the earth in all major terrestrial radio (BTC) bitcoin blockchain.

By adding a fifth leased satellite, brings a potential without the Internet bitcoin transactions and information sharing more extensive coverage for encryption currency users in the Asia Pacific region. The satellite service is still in the testing phase, so far have been in Africa, Europe, South America and North America launched.

According to reports, Blockstream also launched a new application programming interface (API), which allows the satellite to be used to exchange encrypted messages, and the use of flash small Internet payment to payment. Blockstream CSO Samson Mow this move will be placed in the background, he said: “bitcoin has always been about not audit funds, we also have the communication is not auditable now.”

As Forbes overview that aspiring bitcoin space program to remove encryption currency using the dependence on the Internet, and to maximize the bitcoin network security. Blockstream CEO Adam Back told Forbes: “we see bitcoin enhanced the stability of the network, participate in cost reduction, help enterprises to rely on the service backup, and make emerging market with low cost has become the main visitor of the bitcoin network.”

With the latest extension, Blockstream satellite coverage of the whole earth, in addition to Greenland and Antarctica and other remote areas. In addition, the satellite is now streaming data covering all historical bitcoin transaction data, rather than the early iteration project that only before transmission block.

For the first time in August 2017 when it announced its satellite project, the goal of Blockstream is to free internet access in the global network limited and more limited under the condition of “connecting everyone on the planet”.

According to reports, the launch of bitcoin relay satellite is not a new idea, bitcoin pioneer Jeff Garzik BitSat in 2014 to achieve this goal, although the project seems to have stalled.

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