Born to resist hard ETC bifurcation bifurcation!

Born to resist hard ETC bifurcation bifurcation!


Within a year of continuous attacks by hackers workshop Ethernet, network nodes can not participate in information transfer; therefore have to decide two times square Ethernet hard bifurcation in the short term. This ETC will perform a hard bifurcation, seems a bit ironic. ETC is the product of the first bifurcation of the etheric Fang hard, just in order to recover the stolen tens of millions of dollars TheDAO encryption currency. ETC retains the bifurcation of the trade before, that cancellation of trading publicly on the blockchain system of betrayal, regardless of whether the theft of information includes. Moreover, TheDAO hacker seems to have before the etheric Fang to turn away money hard fork.

Hard fork

Hard fork seems to be the last ditch, and the ETC is to resist the idea of students. However, ETC may not expect to encounter with the etheric Fang as inevitable situation and choice. Last week ETC continuous attacks by hackers, making them aware of the underlying technology similar to the etheric Fang decided ETC the same loophole. But the hard week Ethernet machimoto bifurcation, makes ETC developers have to consider how to solve the current predicament.

However, not everyone is satisfied with the decision on this. For the purpose of ETC is to resist hard bifurcation, some people think we should retain the parallel version with TheDAO before the attack information and current vulnerabilities. Now people in the bifurcation of the ETC may be hard guess the name “EthereumClassicClassic” (ETC is the abbreviation of EthereumClassic).

At present an etheric currency price is $11.5, while a ETC price is $1.04.


In order to fix the vulnerability, just a few months square has two Ethernet hard and hard to resist bifurcation; bifurcation and existence of the ETC for the same reason to perform hard bifurcation. Some purists also oppose this decision, so that there might be three Ethernet version of the coexistence of fang. But in any case, performing hard bifurcation of the etheric Fang, the market value of nearly $1 billion in value, or leading.

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