Both analysts believe that bitcoin (BTC) is in the early stages of the bull market

After hitting a new high of $49700 and falling sharply to $45900, bitcoin prices have again proved to be highly “resilient.”. Based on the recent price trend of bitcoin, two of the most famous encryption experts explained the current situation and the price trend. BTC on Preston pysh’s podcast network with investors, plan B and Willy woo shared data and analysis that are now pushing bitcoin prices to record highs. For Plan B, it’s all about halving. According to its stock to flow, bitcoin follows a similar trajectory to that of 2013 and 2017. By comparing the bitcoin price chart with those years, plan B predicts that once “balanced” and the price is stable, BTC will be priced at $100000 or $300000. Woo agreed with the impact of the halving, noting that supply shocks were driving the market and selling pressures were halved because new supply was halving at the rate of each entry into the market. So, yes, you push first and then set the resonance and bitcoin cycle, which is actually all cryptocurrencies. The whole cryptocurrency space revolves around the four-year cycle in which bitcoin is halved. Plan B also points out that bitcoin covers only half of the 70000 blocks that make up one of the three market segments used by the stock to flow model to separate the bull cycle of BTC. So, according to historical data, bitcoin accounts for only half of the current bull market, and there is still enough room for it to rise: if it’s really the next old hive, then I won’t be surprised if, after halving, you’ll be exactly or about 70000 blocks, which could happen by the end of December this year. Yes, it’s obvious. This is also very interesting because you can see these blocks online, but you can see more in online chain analysis. The price of bitcoin is undervalued. Willy woo points out that the BTC accumulation time of whales is twice that of the last bull market in 2017. Analysts estimate that whales will hold bitcoin on hold for at least 12 months in this bull market, a trend associated with MicroStrategy and others entering the cryptocurrency market. As woo said, we are now seeing small investors and small holders entering. However, as whales continue to buy, at every low point, we will see the weak eliminated. Woo attributed this to the fact that BHT exchange funds continued to decline. This is because retailers tend to keep BTC on the exchange rather than cold wallets. Therefore, if the exchange’s capital increases again, we can assume that the market is in the last part of the bull market. We still don’t see [an increase in BTC inflows into the exchange]. So we are still in the early stages of this phase. It’s amazing how different it is, how long and how deep exchanges have accumulated. In my career, I’ve never seen such a move inside bitcoin, where prices are running through vertical walls, but the fundamentals of buying underpin it, and we’re not really going downhill right now. None of Woo’s indicators show a premature decline in prices, and plan B adds: therefore, I fully agree with Willie that we are in a bull market and at an early stage. So we have a long way to go. If you ask me, we have been in the bull market since December and November. Therefore, as far as volatility is concerned, we have to advance it at least half a year. Because the volatility is rising and the volatility is small, when the bull market is over, the volatility will be even greater. Dan tapiro: the current bitcoin bull market is not comparable to the tulip bubble of the 17th century. Billionaire mark Kuban: Ethereum (ETH) is a better value store than bitcoin. Bitcoin (BTC) is still under selling pressure, and Ethereum (ETH) price has temporarily stabilized

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