Both sides accuse each other of bitcoin expansion for which one should be chosen

Both sides accuse each other of bitcoin expansion for which one should be chosen

The recent encryption currency industry’s most popular argument is bitcoin expansion, then the user should support the isolation (Segwit), or witness bitcoin unlimited (BitcoinUnlimited, BU).

Although bitcoin has won the most infinite computing power support, but many mainstream service providers and exchange more love isolation BitcoinCore development of witness. Usually it is difficult for users to make choices in the bitcoin expansion program, because the two solutions for the purpose is the same, just choose a different way.

To isolate the BitcoinCore R & D bitcoin will lead to infinite witness accused bitcoin mining services control bitcoin, which will destroy the mining bitcoin development division.

Bitcoin mining in order to charge higher bitcoin transaction fee, thus blocking the isolation of witness and lightning network. They think that bitcoin mining fee charge confidently.

– bitcoin unlimited accused isolation witness, in the bitcoin expansion Blockstream employs more than BitcoinCore core development. In the 10 meeting of BitcoinCore, 8 were Blockstream or Blockstream subsidiary employees. Supporters of bitcoin unlimited that Blockstream in order to carry out the lightning network, using BitcoinCore born tendency, lock the bitcoin block chain backbone to 1M. Bitcoin unlimited supporters said early BitcoinCore 1M is not so extreme, but not extreme BitcoinCore developers have been kicked out.

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