Bought a second-hand Ledger hardware wallet, but lost his life savings

nRecently, Reddit user moodyrocket posted a claim that it purchased a second-hand Ned hardware wallet of Ledger brand, and when it opened the wallet again a week later, it found that all the cryptocurrencies were gone. This is most likely due to the purse seller’s “man-in-the-middle attack” format, with pre-installed seed reinserted into the device instead of the random seeds assigned by the manufacturer Ledger. At present, the CEO of Ledger Company has promised to help this netizen solve this problem through legal means. But the security issues highlighted in this one can not be without cause for concern.n
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Moodyrocket, a Reddit user, lost all his life by buying a second-hand Ned hardware wallet from Ledger on eBay. Stolen cryptocurrencies total more than $ 34,000 in valuen
The user posted on Reddit saying the wallet seller used a “man-in-the-middle attack,” pre-populating the device with its own set of restore seeds rather than the random seeds assigned by the manufacturer Ledger. Mentioned in the post:n
n”I have not opened my Ledger for a week, and today I’d like to see what the value of the purse in Rivabel, Litecoin and the Darter is, and as a result I found that the balance of all the coins is zero and was already around 7:30 in the evening I did not understand how it was possible because I had not used Ledger for a week.I do not know what to do because the value of these coins is over £ 25,000 and my coins are stolen or what about I am very confused, I feel very uncomfortable and I hope everyone will help me. “n
nThis post shows that attackers even have the means to enter the user’s wallet. Ledger’s CEO (reddit user murzika) has promised to help the netizen by legal means “to bring the seller to justice.”n
The need for securityn
As the value of cryptocurrencies continues to increase, the demand for security in reality also continues to increase. The theft and hacker attacks are also booming. For an individual user, it ultimately requires some additional technical knowledge. Vadim Onishchenko, CEO of Blockchain Picture Sharing System Selfllery, told Cointelegraph:n
n”We used to ask ourselves: where is it safer to put money? To a safe in the home or to a bank? Neither option is completely secure. Encrypted currency is no different: the security issue is complicated, Because there are many ways to invade your personal accounts or force people to surrender their possessions, there is a need for a mechanism that ensures complete security because the current choices are not perfect and a new technology is needed to protect cryptocurrencies. “n

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