Brave in the browser to integrate bitcoin micro payment function

Brave in the browser to integrate bitcoin micro payment function

Experienced in the development and testing for several months after the final Brave in its browser integrated micro bitcoin payment function.

The Brave browser adds bitcoin payment

The $4 million 500 thousand financing announced in early August Brave software company, the company also announced that bitcoin will increase in the September update in micro payment function. Now, this update finally allows users to use the micro payment system based on bitcoin automatically and anonymously to the user site for payment of love. It also allows users and publishers have privacy protection advertising model better choice, can let users and publishers share revenue.

The 0.11.6 version released today contains a test version of Brave payment. In the browser history for the first time, people can seamlessly reward to anonymous and not the way of tracking and support websites that are valuable to them. This eliminates the use of invasive tracker and advertising (sometimes even virus) middlemen. And it also avoids the influence of the supply mechanism of content quality center.

The company said in a news release:

“We believe that Brave will be able to pay by offering to reshape the advertising technology ecosystem their data ownership based on browser users and even bargain web content creators.”

Brave said it would not change the advertising technology mode in the short term, the bitcoin micro payment integration is only a start. “This is just the first step to provide users with the revenue sharing way, if they choose to do so, income will be returned to the user Brave wallet,” the company explained.

Working principle

Users only need to select the page in the Brave parameters of the open Brave payment, create a Brave wallet, and recharge. Also can set a Coinbase wallet or use any existing bitcoin wallet service provider in the wallet, then you can use the.

Once set, all operations are automatic, Brave pay setting panel allows you to manually control to give financial support to the website.

All these analysis is done automatically through the Anonize protocol and network voting, so Brave or any other entity can not find the association between the payment page and browse. At the same time, publishers can get their donations. In addition, all of the Brave payment code is open source, to support the verification and audit.

Brave explained:

“Brave allows the user to pay to try this new support for their valuable content of payment, according to their level of choice, some content will start at $5 for 1 months, some more. You can control your settings and support level.”

Partners include BitGo, Coinbase&PIA

In order to ensure the security of bitcoin payment, Brave has been associated with bitcoin security companies BitGo work together to support each user Brave wallet.

“Everyone has a 2 to 3 Brave private key wallet in the private key, BitGo owns third of the private key,” said CEOBrendanEich Brave,. “Private keys are not shared with other users.”

Other partners include Coinbase, users can use the Coinbase button to buy to buy bitcoin and privacy – network access in Brave (PrivateInternetAccess), the Braves server IP address user screen. The company hopes to attract the integration of privacy supporters and bitcoin users to help build a new network payment and security standards for browser.

“Before the anonymity and privacy of micro payment is added to the network standard, we have standardized work in the research before,” the company added. “In the Brave through the integration of bitcoin and faster without advertising and tracking services more secure, we want to get the loyalty of users, with your help, we will be able to realize a real privacy (even to the center of the network payment standard).”

Because the payment is still a beta version of Brave, the company is also seeking more user feedback and suggestions to improve the user experience. Users can send feedback to, developers can directly through the GitHub to make contribution.

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