Breaking the potential barriers to the development of block chain applications, Achain hope to create a more suitable for enterprise distributed application platform

nIn 1995, when cryptographers Nick Szabo proposed the great idea of ​​a smart contract for the first time, he might not have thought that it would take 20 years to achieve a groundbreaking implementation due to a lack of a trusted execution environment. Until 2015, the birth of the ether square, for the realization of the smart contract brought the dawn. If the block chain is a distributed operating system, then the smart contract is the system killer APPn
nHowever, the widespread popularity of smart contracts is another bottleneck. For enterprises, on the one hand, to understand a new technology required for human and time and other resource consumption is not a small cost, on the other hand, how to understand the block chain technology after its technical characteristics and practical needs of enterprises flexible Combined, but also has been difficult to large area of ​​the block area of ​​the application of one of the pain points.n
nRecently, the Achain team released a white paper that describes an intelligent contract platform for enterprise-class distributed applications that seeks to break through the bottleneck of enterprise-class smart contract platforms from convenience, efficiency, flexibility, and security.n
nAccording to Achain official introduction, a series of characteristics of modular consensus mechanism and encryption mechanism design, visual distributed application development, chain event notification mechanism, contract sandbox mechanism is to effectively solve the enterprise from the traditional information Internet application development to distributed Trustworthy value of Internet application development problems encountered. And in the forward-looking scalable intelligent contract mechanism, cross-chain value gateway design also focus on the future development of enterprise-level distributed applications potential obstacles to create a more suitable for enterprise-class distributed application platform.n
nNot just the concept, multi-improvement, Fun Smart contractn
nUnlike the vast majority of chain-chain projects that are being developed or just presented, Achain has been validated in the marketplace, particularly in a variety of digital asset distribution areas. As a new generation of intelligent contract platform, Achain mainly from four angles to the smart contract has been improved:n
nDevelopment of the convenience, support LUA language, C # language, Java language, so that programmers can easily start to develop smart contracts.n
nThe security of the smart contract itself, Achain from the beginning of the design to provide a 0 cost simulation test intelligent contract mechanism. The benefit of this is that the user is able to test the full path in a complete test framework, thus avoiding the maximum vulnerability of the smart contract itself, and all this eliminates the need for users to consume tokens.n
nFurther, the difference is that, unlike other test scenarios, this solution enables smart contracts to be tested in the official public chain, providing a complete test framework that is closer to the real environment than the test chain approach.n
nAchain also emphasizes the efficiency of smart contracts. From the virtual machine to adjust to the maximum, so that the contract calls close to the performance of ordinary transactions.n
nAt the same time, Achain designed a scalable smart contract to secure the benefits of smart contract participants when discovering the vulnerabilities of the smart contract code itself, thereby upgrading the smart contract under the new consensus.n
nConsensus mechanism, Achain uses a distributed RDPOS distributed consensus, based on the DPOS to optimize the smart contract required to deal with the different consensus mechanism;n
nTransaction performance TPS is usually the industry to examine a block chain of key indicators, according to reports, Achain chain transaction performance can reach 1000TPS. And its modular design, making configurable encryption algorithm, replaceable formula module, can be any combination, flexible response to business needs may change.n
nIn the past three years, the Achain team’s predecessor, the letter and cloud and fruit treasure team, gathered a number of block chain technology experts, completed the technical reserves and market validation work, and access to China’s block chain innovation application contest, Ministry of Industry and China Chain Chain Development Competition double the first prize. And now it is time to push it to the public.n
nWill be the first test of water digital asset distribution areasn
nBusiness planning, Achain chose not to start with all the industry, but the first service to an industry to help them establish a complete ecological, before considering to expand to other industries.n
nAt this stage of the ecological planning, to help small micro-enterprises to issue digital assets and ICO will be the focus of Achain. According to statistics, over the past year, ICO-based financing has exceeded the traditional VC in the area of ​​chain investment, hot ICO non-block chain industry financing needs of small micro-enterprises, also has a great attraction , Which means a broader market.n

nBut because of the asymmetry of information and technology, to understand the ICO mode of operation, and the ability to develop block based on the chain of encrypted digital currency business is not much, therefore, Achain will serve as a convenient digital asset platform to help companies with the least energy and the most Simple way to complete the whole process from the fund-raising, credit assessment, the issuance of digital assets, transfer to the transaction.n
nThe future, Achain will deep plowing which areas? In fact, in addition to financing needs of small micro-enterprises, for venture capital funds, the same can take ICO fund-raising approach. In April of this year, Blockchain Capital spent six hours raising a $ 10 million focus on the chain of blocks and the field of digital money, which is the first attempt by ICOs to raise funds with ICO, Opened the door to a new world. For users, this means more professional investment and risk management, and for VC, its fund raising and exit methods have also undergone a revolutionary change.n

nThe Achain team has a wealth of industry experience in the chain area. As the first batch of domestic chain chain participants and promoters, Achain total person in charge, founder of the fruit treasure Cui Meng participated in a number of community projects and the creation of a global block chain products Fenbao; letter and cloud general manager Li Yuan , Has led his unit to obtain the “first session of China’s block chain innovation application contest final innovation application first prize” “the first Ministry of Industry and China Chain Chain Development Competition first prize” (domestic semi-official and most influential block chain award ).n
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