British singer Lily Alan: now bitcoin is more stable than the pound

British singer Lily Alan: now bitcoin is more stable than the pound

Lily Alan (LilyAllen), won the 2015 best British female artist nominated British singer, she recently at the twitter to 5 million 800 thousand of her fans recommended bitcoin.


“Bitcoin are more stable than pounds,” she said.

In 2014 January, Alan admitted that he refused a return of hundreds of thousands of bitcoin (now worth nearly $100 million) performances and regret. It is reported that she had been invited to a live online called second life (SecondLife) of the virtual world concert, people are willing to provide hundreds of thousands of bitcoin as a reward for her.

She wrote in Twitter: “about five years ago, I have been invited to live in an online show, paid hundreds of thousands of bitcoin,” if you just accept it, “I said” # # idiot idiot


And now, Alan once again talked about bitcoin, according to speculation that she may be reading English news magazine Independent news report: “since Britain returned to Europe, the pound is more unstable than bitcoin.”

The following is the report:

The pound has more unstable than bitcoin.

Bitcoin has been considered the world’s most volatile currency, in the past five years, its value from $2 rose to $1137. However, compared to the fluctuations in pounds, this once crazy volatile currency is becoming a safe haven.

In this week, bitcoin historical price volatility in 10 days less than sterling volatility.

After the British in June 23rd voted to leave the EU, sterling volatility to incredible proportions, the results announced after the pound fell sharply in value.

In contrast, after bitcoin in Britain back in Europe’s performance is relatively stable.

There has been a lot of people are looking for bitcoin transactions, apparently with respect to pounds, bitcoin has represented a haven. The exchange said, since the British back in Europe, bitcoin trading volume doubled in Europe, especially in the area.

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