BtcTrade bitcoin Market: the decline of transient weak prices

BtcTrade bitcoin Market: the decline of transient weak prices

As of April 17, 2017 12, bitcoin trading network btctrade current price of $1214.4. After yesterday’s opening price from weak to strong currency, long in the capture of $1200 after a little rest, sideways into a narrow range pattern. Afternoon drive time, long force again, to push the price above $1210 coins.

Daily charts, MA5 down through MA10 formed Sicha, MACD index continued to zero axis retracement, on behalf of the multi intensity of the green column area is still shrinking, indicating the price behavior is weak, still need time to wash profit fuchou. Since the currency price since March 15th higher rebound in trading volume gradually shrinking, small level of the callback is no exception, it is worth to pay close attention to the signs.

Bitcoin trading network market

The market, according to Reuters, Craig Wright (CraigWright) was founded on the basis of the company has been sold to a private Holdings Company, the former said this is so far involving bitcoin block chain technology, the biggest deal. Wright has claimed to be the founder of bitcoin.

The deal makes Wright again in the spotlight. The 46 year old computer scientist is bitcoin most controversial characters. He hopes to continue to play an important role in the future of this technology, and told Reuters that his goal is to create a bitcoin does not dominate, ungoverned global system.

“We will promote the development of bitcoin growth, making that outlook,” he said, “everything I do is to help expand the use of bitcoin, I hope the chain of at least 1 billion people daily use bitcoin. We have money, manpower and technology to do this.”

According to a press release on Thursday, the Malta based HighTechPrivateEquityFundSICAVplc bought nChainHoldings, “the leading global R & D core block chain”. The company did not specify the amount of the transaction, there is no mention of wright.

Reuters pointed out before nChain is for a hundred Wright bitcoin block chain related patent tools. The company formerly known as EITCHoldings.

According to the relevant records, with EITC and nChain in the name of the Target Corp has filed more than 80 patents and bitcoin blockchain.

One insider said, for $300 million to nChain, but is not clear in what period of time.

The fund company in Malta did not respond to requests for comment mail.

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