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“Blockchain Revolution: how bitcoin behind the technology to change money, business and the world

(Blockchain Revolution: How The Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business And The World) this book, many industry insiders have read. This book by Alex Tapscott and his father, Alex Tapscott is known for the industry.

However, Alex Tapscott has been fined yesterday.

According to the The Globe and Mail5 reported on 13 May, according to the Alex Tapscott and the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) settlement, he will pay a fine of $148000, and will hold a seminar in moral three Canadian business school. Pay $594000, the NextBlock, which is $74000 $520000 for fine investigation costs. However, at present, the settlement agreement temporarily not prohibited by the leadership of NextBlock company Tapscott.

What is all this?

Lie CEO, “platform” big V

Speaking of things from two years ago.

In November 1, 2017, “Forbes” reported on a scandal, caused the people of Vc firm NextBlock Global and the CEO encryption Alex Tapscott of Canada’s attention.

NextBlock Global is a digital asset investment Vc firm. Alex Tapscott originally planned to issue an encrypted token by NextBlock, and it can be packed into the transaction in the traditional stock market securities. Initially, NextBlock plans to raise $50 million, but soon, they will be increased to $100 million target. Finally, the Tapscott from 113 investors raised $2000 million.

In October 19, 2017, the company agent by e-mail to send investors data in the data, NextBlock lists eight consultants and consultants “and incomparable relationship” as the brightest point. These consultants include: former U.S. Justice Department prosecutors and member of the board of Coinbase Kathryn Haun; the blockchain startups Civic CEO and Gyft co-founder Vinny Lingham; Ethernet square co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s father, Dherery Buterin; former Ripple global regulatory affairs special adviser, served as the Federal Reserve Bank of New York lawyers and officials. Karen, Gifford, etc..

NextBlock Global promotional materials listed four people have never agreed to as a consultant “consultant” (source: Forbes)

Soon, the hoax was “Forbes” exposure. When the “Forbes” to the “consultant” confirmation, these “consultants” are the answer:

– “I’m not consultant, I’ve never been,” Haun said.

“I’m not his fund advisor,” said Lingham.

—Buterin confirmed that he had been hired as a consultant, but he refused.

—Gifford by representatives of the media said that she is not a consultant, never talked with Tapscott.

Originally, these V are “platform”.

By November 5th, “Forbes” reports, NextBlock decided not listed on the Toronto stock exchange, and return money to existing investors.

The company and CEO Alex Tapscott announced the news to send friends and investors “in the email.

In addition, NextBlock has also issued a press release, the contents are as follows:

NextBlock Global announced that it is no longer open trading today. Our first responsibility is to our existing investors, we believe that this is the correct action plan for all stakeholders.

We are always committed to the best interests of investors, we are communicating with everyone, and discuss the next steps, including the return of the original investment, time and participate in profit.

As a young company, our company will strive to fling caution to the winds listed, we will try to regain the people’s trust on us down.

We look forward to the future, to block the promise of technology chain is still full of confidence and excitement.

However, NextBlock in the press release did not mention the allegations against it. In fact, at the same time, OSC and Tapscott NextBlock accused of misleading investors.

In May 9th this year, Tapscott submitted a settlement agreement to open OSC, then announced the punishment results.

To this, this thing is over.

In addition to the above said “platform”, in fact, in foreign countries, there are some stars will take the initiative to block chain project site. However, in the face of strict supervision, their outcome is often not so good.

V platform drop

The boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and the famous record producer DJ Khaled

In October 2018, the famous American boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and the famous record producer DJ Khaled, is due to the endorsement in 2017 for a “Centra Tech” project ICO, suspected of false propaganda, lured investors to spend millions of dollars into the scam, was filed in litigation.

As early as in 2017 November, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission regulations, if the endorsement of the ICO, all compensation celebrities must disclose this behavior received. If (celebrities) did not do so is a violation of federal securities laws against selling terms.

World champion Evander Holyfield

Centra is not the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sued the first false ICO. Before, SEC had a AriseBank ICO project to take action. SEC AriseBank is called a “out and out”. But it is worth mentioning that this scam project has also been a world champion Evander Holyfield endorsement, and successfully passed the ICO raised over 600 million dollars.

In 2017 November, due to the potential risks of celebrity ICO concerns, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said in a statement, urging consumers to remain skeptical about the celebrity endorsement ICO. On the other hand, if the endorsement of the ICO, all compensation celebrities must disclose this behavior received. If (celebrities) did not do so is a violation of federal securities laws against selling terms.

Thus, the relevant regulatory agencies in the United States has played a positive role in the protection of investors.

Of course, whether active endorsement stars or above NextBlock, the company involved in the industry have a large coffee “false propaganda platform”, these events are to investors sounded the alarm: when choosing investment targets, must not blindly believe the so-called big V, star, but as far as possible to conduct a comprehensive investigation and deeply for the investment project.

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