California law determine the legal status of digital currency

California law determine the legal status of digital currency

According to reports, the United States on June 29th, California governor Jerry Brown has signed the AB-129 act, the bill that other digital currency bitcoin legitimate currency.

The governor of California signed a total of 15 legislation into law, including changes in California business model technology (digital currency). AB-129 allows the other bitcoin digital currency in California as a legitimate currency to consume things, but need to pay attention to is not as the lawful currency of the United states.

The bill written by Congressman Roger Dickinson said in a recent statement: “Change rapidly people’s payment, Amazon coins (Amazon Coins) and Starbucks (Starbucks Stars) the emergence of the stars is such an example, ignoring the more cash alternatives are no longer realistic.”

Dickinson said; “I think the bill for bitcoin in California cleared the way to reality.” Nevertheless, Dickinson is not entirely a supporter of bitcoin, Dickinson said the federal government should regulate virtual currency encryption. Cbs Broadcasting Inc news (CBS News) reported that New York was considering opening up to bitcoin transactions at the beginning of this year, California on the Silicon Valley for coins and other digital currency legal struggle is the first step.

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