Can I buy a car with bitcoin? The two car companies have responded

Zhongxin Jingwei client, December 31 (Fu Yumei) on the morning of 31, according to multiple media reports, GAC Weilai announced on its official microblog that it was the first auto enterprise in China to accept bitcoin payment for car purchase. Subsequently, GAC Weilai revised its microblog, changing the term “bitcoin” to “digital currency”. It is worth noting that at present, the above content can not be found in the official Weibo of GAC Weilai. On the afternoon of the 31st, Weilai automobile issued a statement on its official microblog account: “Weilai has never had a” bitcoin car purchase “scheme In response to the client of Zhongxin Jingwei, a person in charge of Weilai automobile said that the “bitcoin car purchase” on the Internet has nothing to do with Weilai. GAC Weilai is an independent company invested by GAC and Weilai. GAC and Weilai do not send management personnel to the company, nor participate in the operation and management, so it is not clear about the specific situation. GAC Weilai customer service confirmed to the client of Zhongxin Jingwei that the above microblog and modified microblog are true, and said, “after confirmation by relevant departments, digital currency payment channels will be added according to the actual situation in the future. Please pay attention to the official channel publicity for specific details.” The customer service stressed that it was “digital currency” rather than “bitcoin”. According to Tianyan app data, GAC Weilai is jointly owned by GAC group, GAC new energy and Weilai automobile, and is mainly engaged in the R & D, sales and service of pure electric vehicles. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

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