Can retail investors still afford bitcoin?

Hello everyone, I am a very n currency, a currency circle investor! I read some data this morning, and the current price (26900) shows that the long and short ratio of bitcoin is infinitely close to 1. That is to say, at this stage, the long and short numbers are relatively close. Such data is conducive to the currency circle, and there is no one-sided situation. In other words, on the unknown road ahead, everyone is groping for the direction. Some people are looking for the long and some are short, which is the right way. No one to induce, everyone to shut up, perhaps is the real appearance of the currency circle. Before, many people came out to talk and rubbed hot in the currency circle every time. They could only say that their food was too ugly. Now they shut up because they couldn’t control it. They didn’t know where the mysterious power came from and broke their monopoly. They began to be confused. Maybe the long short ratio was close to 1. They were filling the vacancy by themselves. In the face of the unknown, everyone was in danger. Only retail investors don’t know the danger and are used to being cut. In the past, retail investors were in the dark, but now everyone is in the dark. On the contrary, retail investors are more fearless than some people. Let’s talk about platform currency and demon currency. Generally, the rise of platform currency and demon currency will be accompanied by relatively large adjustment. But this time, I don’t think so. This time, they (here they don’t mean retail investors, I don’t know if you can understand who they are) have no way, because they can’t play bitcoin. It’s not that they can’t play, they can only use bitcoin To harvest needs to pay a relatively high price, if the car overturns, it will spit out the profits before, they are rational. This situation is just like that we have worked hard for a year to invest in bitcoin. If there is a loss, we will not accept it. At this time, we will choose a fund or other products which are similar to bitcoin and have less risk. They are like this now. They choose to start with platform currency, which is relatively passive But it’s also easier to harvest. At the same time, you can suck pancakes and other mainstream blood! So I said that under normal circumstances, the rise of platform currency and demon currency will lead to a relatively large adjustment. Why not this time? No matter how they level the Taiwan dollar and the demon currency, the mainstream will not move, and the retail investors will still suffer from being cut. Moreover, when the pancake continues to strengthen, the platform currency will not be able to continue to harvest. Usually there is no one to protect the dish. They can play as they like. This time, many people are involved. You don’t know who it is, or even which country it is. You don’t know whether it is black or white. I believe you can see that, in the face of the absolute trend, I still choose to be bullish. No matter how other currencies go, no matter what the past experience is, I always believe that the mainstream is the mainstream, and the demon currency is the demon currency, which can not become the climate. Maybe the next hundred times coin is one of many demon coins. Can you choose? Yesterday, I said a word: it seems that the people in the currency circle are different from other investors. The general investors are satisfied when the annual turnover reaches 30%, but the first sentence of the currency circle is that they can turn their positions in a few days! Maybe that’s the difference between an investor and a speculator. If someone teaches you to make money, you lose; if I teach you how to lose money, you gain profits and experience. Different time, different market, different investment methods, you can’t understand this, you can’t go to the end with the market! Grasp the market, not blindly! What can let you grasp is the market, what can’t let you grasp is nightmare. Strength makes classic, the king is not accidental, I am very n coin! (there are risks in the currency circle, so you should be cautious when entering the market)

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