CBOE to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission submitted 6 bitcoin ETF listing application

CBOE to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission submitted 6 bitcoin ETF listing application


The United States Securities and Exchange Commission approved bitcoin futures initiatives to promote the encryption currency into the mainstream financial circle process, paving the way for the bitcoin ETF issue. In fact, in the days before the advent of bitcoin futures, there have been three fund management companies (FirstTrustAdvisorsLP, VanEckAssociatesCorp. and REXSharesLLC) applied to SEC, hoping to get approval to issue related to bitcoin ETF. But SEC refused the application, the reason is not smooth bitcoin futures products issuance and trading.

According to CNBC reports, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) is between 19 to SEC to have submitted a series of rules for change in December 15th, hope to be able to issue the following 6 kinds of ETF products to clear the way:







In addition, according to reports, the United States electronic stock exchange in December 19th as NYSEArca ProSharesBitcoinETF and ProSharesShortBitcoinETF submitted a listing application.

The first day of trading CBOE bitcoin futures contract although the emergence of the network congestion phenomenon, but the overall situation is good, the day has sold more than 4000 copies of the contract. Although in the next few days trading volume is greatly reduced, but soon began to gradually rise, even a substantial increase.

This situation makes CBOE hope through the issuance of bitcoin ETF encryption to further participate in the money market. According to CNBC reports, CBOE spokesman said,

“Given our bitcoin contract success, several partners is expected to develop related exchange traded products.”

Many people think that, if approved by the SEC bitcoin ETF issue, so the retail and institutional investors interested in this field and large investment will make bitcoin prices ridiculously high.

With some bitcoin prior to the submission of the application of ETF product compared to the special six products designed by CBOE is that they are on the trail of bitcoin futures, rather than bitcoin itself. However, in view of the previous bitcoin ETF listing application (such as the Winklevoss brothers submitted) were SEC rejected, CBOE bitcoin ETF road issue may not be so smooth.

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