Changzhou municipal government issued a notice to prevent bitcoin blackmail virus

Changzhou municipal government issued a notice to prevent bitcoin blackmail virus

Bitcoin ransomware is a new kind of malware, the attacker important files through this illegal way encryption target users, and forcing users to use bitcoin redemption. But it also attracted the attention of relevant government departments, the recent Changzhou City Commission by letter on the official website of the government issued a notice to prevent bitcoin blackmail virus, the contents are as follows:

The municipal and District People’s government, Geweiban Bureau, the company directly under the unit:

Recently, government departments, enterprises and institutions and personal computer virus infection bitcoin blackmail information security incidents occurred in our city. Bitcoin blackmail virus malicious operation in computer, browse all documents, pictures, including audio and video files, and the file is encrypted, so that users can not open. The user clicks on the document again, the program will pop-up dialog box to blackmail the user, the user must complete the bitcoin transfer operations within the prescribed time to the virus author, in order to obtain the decryption password, retrieve the original file.

Bitcoin blackmail virus mainly through e-mail attachments, download links, phishing emails sending users to download malicious virus file in site and web communication. The nature of the virus is bad, great harm, once the infection will bring immeasurable losses to the user. All localities and departments and units attached great importance to the extortion virus, do the following defense measures:

1, regulate online behavior. To understand the mode of transmission of ransomware, such as social media, social engineering, spam, phishing, malicious sites, paying particular attention to the need to download resources in a trusted site, download after killing the virus to open and use.

2, the multi-level network security strategy. Should take effective measures of network isolation, isolation of key business process, data and equipment to separate networks. Conditional units should adopt various means of protection mode of combining the construction of network security protection system, such as: Advanced threat protection, gateway anti-virus, intrusion prevention, email protection and other security tools based on network.

3, do the terminal protection. All the host response including a mobile terminal, protection measures, in addition to the traditional anti-virus software installed, should also include patch management, Web content filtering and active protection of the virus protection products.

4, the importance of data backup and recovery. Attaches great importance to data backup, data backup and reliable minimized losses can be caused by viruses. At the same time, security should do data backup, prevent infection and damage.

Information Name: Notice to prevent bitcoin blackmail virus

Index: 014109453/2016-00103

Subject classification: other genre classification: Notice coordinate classification: Other City Commission by letter: Business

Document number: Xin’an often do 2016 issued 26 institutions: City Commission by letter

Production date: 2016-11-04 release date: 2016-11-09

Description of content: bitcoin blackmail virus through e-mail attachments, download links, phishing emails sending users to download the virus file in a malicious web site and web communication, to do preventive work

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