Chengdu public computer in bitcoin virus brute force to hundreds of thousands of years

Chengdu public computer in bitcoin virus brute force to hundreds of thousands of years

Mr. Li, Chengdu city recently encountered a strange thing, as if their own computer controlled by hackers, all files are not open, like a dialogue and mystery English also appeared on a computer screen. Originally, Mr. Li’s computer was kidnapped by a bitcoin virus, “the kidnapper” was proposed, with 3 bitcoin as a “ransom” buy decryption software. Anti virus experts warned that this extortion virus caused irreversible damage, need to take precautions.

A English read after computer files were all encrypted

“The afternoon of October 4th, my kids do English homework with a computer, after the computer is not closed, after about an hour, the computer suddenly issued a sound, is English, like reading the same.” Mr. Li said, “because the child is doing English homework, at that time did not think too much, then see the desktop computer results are modified.”

Time has passed 6 days, Mr. Lee’s computer desktop remains in the afternoon look, the desktop background turned white, there are several lines of green English screen. On the desktop, including the Word JPG documents, pictures and videos, each file are changed format. “These documents are not open, click open there will be no corresponding software tips.”

Mr. Lee realized that computer may be a virus, he hastened to try on the desktop English. “English effect, documents and data has been encrypted, the only way to secure decrypt files is to pay 3 coins, buy a declassified documents. If you use third party software to decrypt the files that will suffer irreparable loss.” Mr. Li said.

Behind the text, also comes with a few web site, just click on these sites, you can buy English said decryption software. “I’m not worried about the point of these links, after there will be more trouble.” Mr. Li told reporters, when this strange thing for the first time, he couldn’t think of what is going on.

Don’t be a bitcoin payment of 4100 yuan to crack and distressed

With doubt, Mr. Lee to the University of Electronic Science and technology experts to consult. Experts see Mr Li’s computer that, Mr. Li implanted computer, probably bitcoin virus. “This virus also called bitcoin Trojan encrypts infected 114 format files in the computer, so that it cannot be opened normally, will pop” blackmail “machine.”

It is understood that the bitcoin virus appeared in foreign countries as early as 2014, early 2015 appeared in china. Which is called the bitcoin virus, because the virus will require victims to pay 3 bitcoin as ransom for the purchase of decryption software. The bitcoin virtual currency that can only be used in the digital world, so that the transaction is difficult to track.

Not only that, this virus encryption method is very complicated, “brute force to hundreds of thousands of years, the super computer crack also need ten years or even decades”. “I also consulted several IT master, they say the virus is difficult to decipher, I also recommend to buy hacker negotiations, decryption software with suitable price.” Mr. Li said with some frustration.

Reporter inquiry found that at present each bitcoin price at 4100 yuan, that is to say, Mr. Li needs to spend 12 thousand yuan to buy the decryption software. “I stored in the computer for more than 10 years of documents, and in the last few years working life photos, all being illegally destroyed.” Mr. Li thought here, I felt distressed.

Currently, Mr. Li has been to the local police station, and wait for the police investigation process.

Good blackmail virus damage caused by irreversible camouflage

Kingsoft Corp anti-virus expert Li Tiejun told reporters, such as bitcoin trojan virus more common cable le. “Encryption processing within the system by the virus, but also is a kind of non reversible encryption, decryption must get the secret key can be cracked. That is to say, in addition to other developers virus himself, man cannot be decrypted.”

According to reports, extortion virus usually via e-mail communication, disguised as a working document inside the computer system, the user opens the document induced by computer. “If the user is not aware of a security warning, the virus program can run.” Li Tiejun said,

“Extortion virus early version, the decryption keys may exist in the system registry, but now the popular version of the virus, we analyzed, is unable to lift the.” Li Tiejun said, more seriously, the principle and method of bitcoin virus already open on the Internet, many hackers “transformation, to develop more virus variants”.

As for Mr. Lee said buying decryption software, Li Tiejun said that the virus developers not credible. “The virus is a kind of irreversible encryption encryption, damage is irreversible.” Li Tiejun said, “and don’t know what other people even pay a ransom, it may not be able to lift.”

Therefore, Li Tiejun reminded, important documents should be timely backup, in addition, need to be especially careful when dealing with email, for suspicious program, don’t open on your computer.” “There is a security software installed in the local computer, now some security software can intercept for emerging virus, even if not found the features of the virus but the virus in the encrypted file encryption process, can intercept action.”

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