Cherish life and keep away from leverage! Because of the investment in bitcoin, a family of three left two!

In June this year, I heard that a man in Northeast China had lost more than 20 million yuan because of his investment in bitcoin. In despair, he killed his own daughter, who was just three years old. Then, the man took his wife to jump into the sea to commit suicide, but failed to die. Unfortunately, his wife and children were gone. It is said that the man didn’t work much after graduation from university and became a professional investor. He only invested in bitcoin, with a fortune of about 10 million. Unfortunately, he took a wrong step and invested in bitcoin. He borrowed a lot of money and used leverage, which magnified the trading risk. In March this year, due to the serious epidemic situation and the poor international investment environment, bitcoin fell from $7300 to $4800, or more than 40%. The man had been making long bitcoin before, and firmly believed that the special coin could rise. As a result, the sudden collapse made him dumbfounded and lost a lot of money. Later, he had no choice but to stop the loss. He felt that he had lost too much, so he thought about how to recover the capital. Seeing that bitcoin was falling all the time, he shorted bitcoin and used leverage when bitcoin fell to a low level. As a result, bitcoin rose under the main trading situation, which led to the man’s explosion of positions, debt and direct ruin. This is a human tragedy. The poor 3-year-old girl lost her life before she was killed by her father and her wife, who ended her young and precious life. Leave this man who is not as good as dead in the world. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many of them have lost their homes because of their investment in bitcoin, and many of them have committed suicide, lost their families and separated their families because of investment failure. Too many! Please stay away from bitcoin, away from leverage! Although the use of leverage may make you earn a lot at a time, it will harvest you sooner or later!

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