China Information Technology Department set up a chain of chain research laboratory

nnIn the beginning of this month, the Chinese government’s response to the domestic ICO and the digital currency exchange has been strong in the world, but the government has repeatedly stated that it will not separate the block chain from the digital currency. The Development of Block Chain Technology in China. This argument has also been further confirmed in view of the fact that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has set up a laboratory dedicated to the study of block chains.n
nTranslated by: Inan
Although the Chinese government has recently cracked on Bitcoin exchanges and ICOs, it is still committed to developing the chain chain in other areas of potential.n
According to the Financial News Network, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has set up a research institute called “Trusted Block Chain Open Laboratory” to support the continued development of the technology in China. The block-chain lab will be managed by the China Information and Communication Research Institute (CAICT), will conduct research in the area of ​​the chain chain and create a platform for experts to share their knowledge about the technology.n
At the same time, China’s domestic block chain discussion is also more and more.n
According to an overseas journal China Econimic Review, Di Gang, deputy director of the Digital Bank Research Institute of the People’s Bank of China, pointed out in an activity on September 19 that although many people used block-chain technology for economic reasons, Shortage.n
He said:n
n”At the meeting of many block chains, the business people who attended the meeting were more technical experts.”n
nChina on September 4 ban ICO, then closed a number of digital currency exchanges, according to Reuters reported that the People’s Bank of China Institute of Finance Sun Guofeng said the move to stop the criminal activities in the field, “necessary and timely “n
However, he also said that the block chain itself is a “good technology” and added: “ICO is not the only way to study the chain of chains.”n
He promised to ban the ban from having a negative impact on the broader chain of chains.n
A number of Chinese technology giants are studying the technology, such as Tencent at a meeting earlier this month announced with the multinational technology giant Intel to carry out block-chain research cooperation. In addition, the payment giant China UnionPay has recently applied for a patent for a block-based ATM network, while the electronics maker’s group is patenting a method of digging a special currency for household items.n

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