China may become the world’s first issue of legal digital currency

China may become the world’s first issue of legal digital currency

According to sources, the central bank China since 2014 has set up a series of problems of the legal expert team of digital currency in the near future, and has formed a series of achievements, and test digital ticket trading platform block chain technology based on the success also means that the first digital currency into a practical technology. The future, China is likely to become the world’s first issue of legal digital currency.

What is the digital currency, R & D digital currency exactly what to do to prepare, this one also need to overcome the difficulties of it, today Xiaobian for you about course of digital currency and the significance of its existence. The process and significance of legal issue and digital currency.


2009 bitcoin appeared, people found that there are such things as digital money ah. Bitcoin characteristics such as the decentralization of each display, people realize this is a really good stuff, although the 2013 official also said bitcoin is not money in the true sense, is only a virtual product, but the country is aware of the advantages of digital currency, so the official considered by the central bank to issue digital currency. In 2014 the central bank began to set up the team began the development of digital currency, plans to issue legal digital currency.

Digital currency and ordinary paper currency, electronic money and the nature is also different. Experts say if only ordinary digital with digital wallet, can be said to be the electronic currency; if it is in the digital wallet and operation in a specific digital currency network storage encryption, can be said to be a pure digital currency. The issue of legal digital currency is not easy.


Fiat money can’t keep natural characteristics to the center of the central bank, the future digital currency system will include several main elements: the central bank digital currency private cloud, digital currency, digital library, digital currency currency commercial bank database, digital currency digital wallet, authentication center, complete registration, big data analysis center. A digital wallet bank digital currency system by the central bank issued a digital currency digital currency bank and client base, the composition of the commercial bank. The issue of legal digital currency is not easy.


How to use digital currency? The expert answers can be extracted or stored in the counter machine. Deposit the digital currency, can be achieved from the self-service terminal bank counter or modified, can also use the computer or mobile phone client login bank website, complete the storage and extraction of digital currency to. The issue of legal digital currency is not easy.

However, the issue of legal digital currency is not easy. To digital currency issued, in addition to technical problems, but also faces many legal problems to be resolved, it may need to issue a “digital currency law”, but they also need to gradually improve, and we wait quietly.


Experts say the digital currency RMB is conducive to “go out”, along with the global financial infrastructure reform, in promoting the realization of digital information technology finance. The issue of legal digital money make economic and financial regulation in China more clearly the direction of the whole network distributed billing mode of digital currencies, it will effectively promote China’s economic credibility.

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