“Chinese aunt” soared 120% heavy speculation bitcoin

“Chinese aunt” soared 120% heavy speculation bitcoin

Bitcoin because this year cumulative increase of more than 120% to become a big star investment market varieties, many market participants call, crazy bitcoin is back. The market soared quickly attracted a large number of users involved, including “China aunt” and the recent trend of regression. Female bitcoin investors accounted for 50% growth compared to last year.

Born from 2009 to now, was not optimistic about the bitcoin has gone through 7 years and 7 months. From the initial price in 2013 rose to a maximum not worth a hair, to 8000 yuan / month, adding time also attracted a large number of “China aunt who. However, in 2014 China regulatory policy to suppress, bitcoin was from the high of 8000 yuan fell to the lowest 1000 yuan, after entering the long bear market. Until the beginning of this year, bitcoin began the outbreak of a new round of the stock market. According to the bitcoin trading network market showed that in 2016, bitcoin prices from the lowest price of 2351 yuan / month rose to the highest 5180 yuan / month, the highest rate reached 120%. At present, bitcoin is still hovering at 4300 yuan / month.

This wave of rapid inflation has attracted many users involved, including the “China aunt”, but this “China aunt” more rational. “2014-2016 bitcoin global development report” shows that in 2015, women bitcoin trading network VIP users accounted for 10%, while in 2016 this proportion rose to 15.63%.

Beijing Daily reporter interviewed a bitcoin investor Huang Ayi (a pseudonym), 53 year old Aunt Huang, living in the United states. According to her introduction, had been the old shareholders, have some experience in the stock market, mainly engaged in a stock market and two market investment. Affected by the family has been concerned about bitcoin, but the real investment bitcoin or in England from Europe after the event. “At that time, saw an opportunity in this wave of market investment of less than 1 million yuan, through the external disk spreads earned 30 thousand yuan.” Aunt Huang said.

However, as the “intellectual powder” Aunt Huang said, her investment bitcoin is very cautious, after the profit of 30 thousand yuan, will not continue to invest.

She believes that bitcoin and stocks are similar in technology. “Bitcoin affected by the outside world without stock market so much, affect bitcoin is mainly affected by the international market, the RMB exchange rate policy and more, whether it is bitcoin or stocks, are in cash for the purpose, there is manipulation, but I personally feel that the risk of bitcoin is bigger than the stock.”

“The future will focus on bitcoin transactions, unless they see some special good.” But she also said, will always pay attention to bitcoin.

It is worth mentioning that bitcoin since its birth has been compared with gold. The issuing mechanism of bitcoin is simulated gold. First, the global gold reserves is basically constant, so the total bitcoin is constant; secondly, the difficulty of gold mining will over time become increasingly difficult, so bitcoin. Therefore, bitcoin is also known as “electronic gold”.

And gold, bitcoin currently does not have much practical value. But the market is no less attention to it, especially the underlying technology to bitcoin block chain technology by market speculation, even by the central bank Chinese praise, a number of financial institutions, including the union, and in the study of this technology.

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