“Christine Fan” on the total 013 coins on the second half circle:

“Christine Fan” on the total 013 coins on the second half circle:


    In July 2016, the U.S. Group founder Wang in an interview for the first time put forward the “Internet second half” concept, Wang Xing said, the second half of the Internet has just started, there are still new opportunities, “as long as you can find the things you do, enthusiastic, passionate, and you can think you need to solve the problem, then you will always have endless opportunities”.

In July 2017, BTCTrade vice president and co-founder of COO Fan Li block Bao Yue think, Digital currency The competition in the first half of the key turning point — currency circle has just ended, the second half has just begun. The second half of the watershed, is to change the currency circle style of competition.

    Bitcoin Birth to nine years now, this is the coin circle rickety nine years: the regulation is not in place, the market growth depends on the barbaric way. In the past time, you do not understand the project can make money, do not understand the investment can make money. For many competitive currency investors, as long as all can rely on hearsay, heard that money to raise the public, to ICO, without demur first involved, when can make the exchange. For many of the currency competition team, because the market enough blind and blank, just wrapped Block chain The coat, blessing the business model, as if it were raining flowers unknown sleep Li founding team, keen to follow the trend of the community “are able to raise a lot of money. ICO after the success of the project, namely the end of the project on the exchange, this is the law of survival of the project too much. That is, as long as insist on doing the project, seems to have become a rare species, have become good money. In fact, how good is it? Really good? I’m afraid not many people say.

If the first half of the fight is the story, the second half will be a tough game. This coin in the inflection point circle, many people began to hold money in the hands of the heart whispered, many people began to re-examine the deformed business model. The second half of the watershed, is to change the currency circle competitive way, is a group of people consciousness is awakening forced the rational market. People only care about money does not make money, not on the stock exchange, now more people start to care about the value of investment is not worth, is really useful or false demand. The second half, the coin ring to do is each industry value flow of digital currency, not only do marketing, at the end of the deal for a short, but can really block chain, with the digital currency promotes each industry value circulation efficiency.

Thus, the first half of the circle of money has come to an end, people should be full of awe and warmly welcomed the arrival of the second half.

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“Christine Fan and talk” by BTCTrade and block treasure market team completely self-produced, first recorded due to lack of experience, the use of frames is too large, resulting in the local basic graphics look smooth, to the network cache, CPU decoding, graphics through a series of processing, the screen will appear occasionally black, lack of subtitles. Second will be correct, this time for the inconvenience sorry!

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