Circle financing will bitcoin services extended to many European countries

Circle financing will bitcoin services extended to many European countries

The bitcoin block chain as the center of the P2P financial technology company Circle, has a number of countries in the bitcoin transaction services extended to europe.

As early as six months ago, Circle got the British government awarded the license of electronic money, since then, the company began the siege swept the pool in europe.

It is reported that from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and other 16 countries, users can now buy bitcoin using their credit cards and debit cards. It is worth noting that users use credit cards to buy bitcoin in Circle, do not need to pay the fee, it makes Circle more and more of the global digital talent shows itself in exchange.

In addition, the 9 countries can users in their Circle accounts and holdings of euros and bitcoin. In support of a complete list of countries are as follows:

Interestingly, the European Central Bank has just released the latest regulatory guidelines, aimed at promoting the bitcoin more stringent supervision and guidance, each member should be clearly stated crypto currency can not be regarded as protected by law of currency.

The European Central Bank bitcoin is not interested

At the beginning of April this year, Circle is Britain’s main financial regulator awarded the license of electronic money. For bitcoin industry, the official license implies an important milepost. With it, Circle will let us and UK consumers, through the bitcoin block chain transmission in pound sterling or us dollar.

By the way, Circle also got the first BitLicense in New York in 2015 November. So far, the Fintech venture company has been in the four round of financing of $136 million.

With the current financial industry touted private chain or distributed books of different solutions, Circle company is still advocating public chain.

In an earlier blog, co-founder Circle said:

“If every person in the world love Circle, then we will feel very happy, but if the Circle is part of an open global value network, and software providers, online service providers and financial institutions will be connected to the thousands of people to the public chain, benefit is the most.”

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