CNBC: Microsoft denies ban &quot "; bitcoin, said after the news is false

CNBC: Microsoft denies ban &quot "; bitcoin, said after the news is false

According to CNBC reports, Microsoft technology company on Monday was forced to apologize, because after the company unexpectedly announced that it would no longer accept bitcoin.

Earlier this week, the software giant company mistakenly said it has stopped accepting bitcoin payments, however, with the statement on the contrary, Microsoft users can still use bitcoin to buy Windows and Xbox store content.

“We were inadvertently released inaccurate information on the Microsoft site to apologize,” a Microsoft spokesman told reporters.

Previously, there was a notice on the Microsoft website, that is no longer acceptable to users to use bitcoin to consume Windows10 and Windows10 mobile products, but now the announcement has been deleted.

“You can’t be the bitcoin cash to your Microsoft account,” the wrong announcement said, “the existing balance in your account can still be used in the Microsoft store, but can not be returned.”

In December 2014, Microsoft began to accept American users to use bitcoin to buy Windows10 in the store. These transactions are conducted through bitcoin payment processor BitPay.

BitPay said bitcoin transactions it saw in 2015, compared to the same period last year increased by 110%.

BitPay did not immediately respond to requests for comment CNBC.

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